Gigi Hadid Escorted a YouTuber Off the Runway at the Chanel SS20 Show in Paris

I'm cringing.

  • During the Chanel SS20 show in Paris, 28-year-old YouTuber Marie S’Infiltre jumped on to the stage and started walking with the models.
  • Naturally, Gigi Hadid saved the day.
  • This isn't the first time S’Infiltre has interrupted a show during fashion week.

Honestly, I wish I had as much confidence as Marie S’Infiltre, a 28-year-old French YouTuber who hopped on the runway in the middle of the Chanel SS20 show in Paris. From what we can tell from the pictures and videos, S’Infiltre was sitting in the audience before she climbed directly on to the runway and joined the line of models.

She was reportedly dressed in head-to-toe Chanel, so perhaps she thought she'd blend in?

The best part is Gigi Hadid ended up saving the day. Hadid made sure to grab the YouTuber by the shoulder and gently escort her off the runway while still walking the show (an icon). According to the Daily Mail, security was rushing up to the stage to remove S’Infiltre, but they didn't get there in time.

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The video is gold:

And again for your viewing pleasure:

Apparently this isn't the first time S’Infiltre has interrupted a runway. This week, she also infiltrated an Etam show wearing a bra and pants. 2019, everybody!

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