A Look Back at Karl Lagerfeld's Most Iconic Chanel Runway Looks

The designer has passed away at age 85.

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As the fashion community mourns the lost of legendary designer and creative Karl Lagerfeld (opens in new tab), we're taking a look back at his most memorable Chanel creations—and there are almost too many to count. Since he became the fashion house's creative director in 1983, Lagerfeld managed to keep both Coco Chanel's spirit alive through the famous tweed suits and classic touches while also injecting his own perspective into the brand.

Lagerfeld never did anything short of iconic: His runway sets, like his fashion designs, were instantly legendary (opens in new tab), creating everything from a full Chanel supermarket to a rocket ship to an iceberg to set the stage for an unforgettable experience. As a tribute to one of the greatest fashion icons of all time, here are Lagerfeld's best runway moments.