Katie Holmes Rewears Her Black Chanel Flap Bag In Another Perfect Fall Outfit

Actress and style inspiration Katie Holmes continued to wow us all with another trendy fall look. She also rewore her Chanel 19 flap bag.

Katie Holmes continues her fashion streak—earlier this week, she stepped out wearing the most fabulous Chanel outfit, including a classic-with-a-twist Chanel crossbody. Yesterday she was photographed leaving her apartment in light skinny jeans, a white oversized double-breasted blazer, with a simple black body and matching black heels to round out the neutral look, and lo and behold—she loves the bag so much she rewore it today, too!

The latest version of Chanel 19 Flap Bag also comes in tan, mint, and tweed green, with gold-tone, silver-tone & ruthenium-finish metal on the strap. Holmes opted for the classic black Chanel look that looks like it has room for wallet, keys, bag, and lipstick (the bag also comes in a large and maxi size, if you, like me, need your bag for all the things).

Holmes' latest street style is also quite similar to one she effortlessly pulled off last week, with light denim and a black double-breasted blazer over a cardigan. She is nailing that perfect fall vibe that keeps you warm, allows for layering in case you happen to walk into a building with heating, and makes you feel like a boss.

Here's the full look, in case you want to replicate:

And the same bag from her head-to-toe Chanel outfit this week.

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Chef's kiss, for real.

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