Rothy's Debuts Stunning, Sustainable Bags Made of Ocean-Bound Plastic

Rothy's, known for its shoes that count Meghan Markle and Katie Holmes as fans, just launched a bag line.

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This is huge, huge news: Rothy's, best known for their sustainable shoes made out of thread from water bottles, just had their biggest new product launch of the year. And it's bags, you guys.

There are seven styles, and five silhouettes (with a variety of price points, many of which are affordable): the Essential Totethe Handbagthe Essential Pouchthe Dual-Zip Crossbody, and The Catchall in largemid, and mini. Like its shoes, the signature blue thread is visible somewhere on the bag (in the tote, it's up by the rim), and a number of them have gorgeous contrast stripes and colors. The bags are also, if their shoes are any indication, durable. (I wear mine all the time and they haven't started to fray one bit.)

Along with their traditional thread, Rothy's has blended in thread from marine plastic "collected within 30 miles of coastlines and marine environments." Considering the challenging problem of plastics in our oceans, this feels particularly mindful.

True to form, the bags are as luxurious as their shoes (seriously, you'd never know they're made out of plastic water bottles) and—get this—fully machine washable.

think of all of them, the one I'm most excited to try first is the handbag in poppy or grey—I don't have something of that style (and one of the tenets of sustainable fashion is that you build a small wardrobe with classic, long-lasting pieces you'll wear for years). Honestly, though, the tote in desert sand is also just so pretty and feminine. The pouch feels like a nice fit for slipping in a phone, credit card, and keys to head out for the night. Although, who am I kidding—I would definitely put more in there.

More product images below for you/me to ogle as I debate exactly what to put in my shopping cart.

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(Image credit: Rothy's)


(Image credit: Rothy's)

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(Image credit: Rothy's)

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Ugh, so luscious, I can't stand it!

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