Katie Holmes' Rothy's Flats Are Gorgeous, Comfortable, and Eco-Friendly

Katie Holmes stepped out last week to attend a Rothy's event in a gorgeous transitional fall outfit. And she's wearing the brand's shoes, which are HIGHLY affordable.

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Katie Holmes stepped out last week to attend a Rothy's event in a gorgeous transitional fall outfit that inspired so much outfit inspo. And lo and behold—she's wearing the brand's shoes, which are HIGHLY affordable (especially when compared to the rest of her outfit). Even better? It's sustainable fashion, so it's less toxic to the environment!

It's not totally clear: Holmes might be wearing Rothy's classic The Point in black, or she may actually be wearing the Rothy's new sustainable merino wool collection—available for purchase on October 8—so start getting excited now, if you love sustainable fashion. For the moment, you can get the same look from their classic The Point flats, made from recycled plastic bottles.

Per Vogue, Holmes' ivory and pink slip dress was based off of a design from Gabriela Hearst's 2020 show, and she's carrying the Hearst Nina bag (available in a ton of colors), both of which are more expensive than the very affordable Rothy's. She's killing it with her high-low fashion right now.

Speaking to InStyle at the event, Holmes said sustainability is really important to her: "It's at the front of my mind every day, especially having a child and just being a human being...It's important to think about what we're doing to our world. I don't buy a lot of clothing, and I try to be very balanced in my life."

Here's the full look:

And on Instagram we got a look at her weather-appropriate light blazer to finish off the look:

Which is perfect for fall.

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