Everlane's Straight Leg Crop Pants Are On Sale Today

I'm low-key obsessed.

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A woman can never have too many pants—and, no, I'm not talking about jeans. Sure, denim is a tried-and-true wardrobe staple, but you can't necessarily wear them to a networking event...or to meet your significant other's super conservative parents. That said, everyone should have a pair of pants that fall somewhere in between casual jeans and the fancy trousers Melanie Griffith wore in Working Girl.

Desperate to find my own perfect pair of pants, I added Everlane's straight-leg cropped style (that are currently on sale!) to my e-cart a few months ago—and now I own them in three colors and counting. I literally wear them with everything: flouncy tops, chunky sweaters, button-downs, chill tees, flats, heels, sandals...must I go on? Made out of lightweight cotton, the pants have a high-waisted silhouette and a straight leg that falls a few inches above your ankle. Not only are they super comfortable, but the silhouette is also incredibly flattering.

Historically, Everlane's straight leg cropped pants cost $68, but you can currently buy them for $50. Finding a great pair of pants is hard enough, but if you can score a ridiculously versatile option for $50? Well, that sounds like a shopping miracle.

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