Guards Ban Lawyer from Entering Jail, With or Without Bra

Jacob Wackerhausen

Talk about a bunch of boobs.

Attorney Brittney Horstman attempted to enter the Miami Federal Detention Center earlier this month to meet with a client when the underwire in her bra set off metal detectors. Security guards told her she was not allowed to enter, but determined to keep her appointment, Horstman took a ballsy step — she simply popped into the restroom and removed the supposedly dangerous garment. But when she returned to the security checkpoint, she was taken aback when the guards told her that her braless appearance violated the dress code, which bans dressing in a "provocative" or "enticing" way.

Needless to say, Horstman was pretty ticked off. She wrote an email to fellow lawyers about the incident, saying: "Simply because I was a woman who wore a specific bra, my client was denied access to his attorney today. This is completely unacceptable."

We'll say! Luckily, the matter was settled after a correspondence between the Federal Public Defender's Office and the warden. The warden agreed that the security guards' decision was not okay and said it wouldn't happen again.

This is far from the first time we've seen ridiculous things happen because of normal items of women's clothing.

Ladies, have you ever faced an issue at work because of what you were — or weren't — wearing? Tell us about it!

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