What I'm Wearing: Some Eco Faves!

Amanda Hearst picks out her favorite environmentally conscious fashion must-haves for fall.

The weather is changing, so there's no better time than now to update your wardrobe a bit! I recently went on my own mini shopping spree, snagging some of the coolest ethically-minded fashion pieces of the season.

I've been a fan of Christopher Raeburn's for a while. Not only is he a truly nice and genuine guy, but he's also been making super-stylish outerwear (sold at Barney's or online) for the past few years. Nearly all of his jackets are made of re-appropriated military fabrics, and for SS12 he's even started making tees and dresses. I love this bomber because it's a statement piece that manages to go with everything!

I recently met Gunas designer Sugandh Agrawal at the Marie Claire offices to check out her current collection and fell in love with this clutch! The accents of orange and blue make it fun and unique, not to mention that it (along with all of Agrawal's bags) is vegan. In other words, I can look good and feel good, too!

I guess it was inevitable that the super-stylish New Yorker Jennifer Creel would try her hand at design, but I was so excited to find out that her foray into fashion involves her passion for environmentalism! Creel partnered with Modo to create Modo for Jennifer Creel, a collection of eight hand-crafted sunglasses made of natural materials such as bamboo. And maybe the best part (aside from how effortlessly chic they are) is that with every pair bought, a tree is planted.

What are you all thinking of buying this fall?