Solange on the Fashion Week Circus at Noon by Noor

Solange on the Fashion Week Circus at Noon by Noor

Today's Noon by Noor show was so vibrant and personality-filled that we immediately thought, "This collection is perfect for Solange!" The expertly mixed prints, embroidered palm trees, and abundance of sparkly embellishments were not only ideal for a warm weather getaway, but looked as though they were created specifically for Miss Knowles' onstage ensembles. Sure enough, the singer and rising style icon was sitting front row at the Lincoln Center show, wearing an outfit from the label's Resort 2013 line. We caught up with her before the show to ask about her thoughts on Fashion Week. She even let us in on a little secret about her upcoming projects.

You can take your pick of any shows you want to see during Fashion Week. What drew you to Noon by Noor?

The designers [Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa] used my music for their show last year, which was pretty special and amazing. The connection between fashion and music, when it happens organically, is amazing. Naturally, the prints, the colors, and the textiles were a huge attraction for me. When I actually saw the line, I had the hardest time picking and narrowing it down to this look. It's pretty much a dream come true that every single piece has a print or a color going on, so I'm excited to see this show.

How many shows are you taking in this season?

I'm keeping things light this year—I'm doing one show a day. Keeping it an easy breezy fashion week.

You've become known for your amazing sense of style. What do you think of Fashion Week's street style phenomenon with everyone pulling out all the stops?

I really feel disconnected from it. Three years ago, I think I made the decision—I love Fashion Week, and I love going for the intended purpose of scouting out looks for upcoming appearances, performances, and shows. But coming just to be seen and be on the scene is not really attractive for me. When I'm going, I'm actually taking notes, thinking, "I have this event coming up, this would be great for that." There are some people obviously coming for similar reasons, and that's great. I'm not really involved in the circus, but I'll admit, I love the people's pretty amazing.

What are you working on now?

I'm actually working on my next record. I've also been working on the first release for my label Saint Records. I've been really, really intensely diving into that. And I've been working on third grade—my son is in third grade now!

Since you're such a fashion lover, do you think you would ever design your own line?

I don't think so. I'd be open to collaborating, and I actually have something that I'm cooking up that's kind of aligned with that. I'm pretty excited to announce that soon. But I have so many things going on. I'm happy as a consumer.