Victoria's Secret Angel Behati Chats Lingerie, Workout Tips, and How She Made Her First Dollar

We chat with Victoria's Secret model Behati about the brand's new Body by Victoria line, how she picks a bra, and learn how she stays confident on the runway.

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Victoria's Secret)

What girl doesn't love new underwear? Everyone's favorite brand Victoria's Secret is re-launching their classic Body Victoria line this fall, with nine new styles and 23 new sizes (there's literally a fit for every girl!), in a bunch of pretty new colors. And while we love a set of sexy underwear, it's always nice to find something cute and comfy to slip into. We chatted with Victoria's Secret angel Behati Prinsloo about her favorite pieces in the line, the best way to shop for underwear, and how she stays confident on the runway.

Marie Claire: You have such an amazing figure, can you give us some work out tips?

Behati: I just try and eat healthy and work out as much as I can with my work schedule. I grew up doing a lot of sports and my mom always cooked good food.

MC: What do you think is the sexiest style of underwear?

B: I like boy shorts and bikini style underwear.

MC: Any tips on how to choose the right underwear for your body?

B: Try them on and get whatever you like and feel sexiest in.

MC: Do you have any confidence boosting rituals that you do before hitting the catwalk?

B: It's so high energy before a show that it gives you a lot of confidence and excitement.

MC: Do you have any favorite styles from the new Body by Victoria launch?

B: I love all of the body by Victoria stuff, it's the most comfortable line. But it's still sexy enough that you you can wear it day and night, and that's what I love about it.

MC: The holiday season is approaching, do you have any favorite gifts to receive?

B: Anything edible!

MC: Have you planned which gifts you'll be giving?

B: Not yet! I always leave it up to the last minute, and I need to not do that. I get so stressed out that I'll forget anyone. I love giving people gifts.

MC: How do you like to relax in your downtime?

B: I love going to the beach and hanging out with my friends. Or going on a cruise with my girlfriend, listening to music, going to the movies, or going to Disneyland!

MC: How did you make your first dollar?

B: In high school my hockey team used to wait tables every year at the local fair, so I did that!

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Victoria's Secret)

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Victoria's Secret)