100 of the Most Memorable Looks from Everyone's Fave '90s Supers

Let's take a look at the '90s supermodels in their ever-majestic glory days!
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As the supermodels of today (Karlie, Cara, Joan, etc.) dominate magazine covers and Instagram feeds, it's important to give recognition to the stunners who came before. For a decade, these women ruled the world and forever changed the fashion, media, and entertainment industries. Let's take a look at the '90s supermodels in their ever-majestic glory days! Keep the '90s obsession coming by clicking through the 25 most memorable fashion moments of the decade, here.
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Linda Evangelista (1990)
Karl Lagerfeld described Linda Evangelista in 2001 as “a kind of Stradivarius. You can play her like you can play no other instrument.” Good point there. After all, the Canadian-born beauty was featured on more than 600 magazine covers, many shot by photographer Steven Meisel, for whom she served as a muse. With campaigns like Revlon (1990), Dolce & Gabbana (1992), Chloe (1994), and Yves Saint Laurent (1995) under her belt, Evangelista certainly needn’t wake up for “less than $10,000 a day,” per her infamous phrase.
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Linda Evangelista (1991)
Naomi Campbell and Linda Evangelista; April 8, 1991
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Linda Evangelista (1992)
Paris Fashion Week Fall 1992; March 1, 1992
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Linda Evangelista (1993)
Metropolitan Museum Gala, New York City; June 25, 1993
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Linda Evangelista (1994)
Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week 1994; July 1, 1994
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Linda Evangelista (1995)
Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 1996; Oct. 14, 1995
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Linda Evangelista (1996)
Benefit for Breast Cancer Research Foundation, New York City; Oct. 24, 1996
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Linda Evangelista (1997)
Kevyn Aucoin and Linda Evangelista during New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 1997; April 8, 1997
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Linda Evangelista (1997)
John Galliano for Christian Dior Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 1998 presentation; Oct. 14, 1997
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Linda Evangelista (1998)
"April Showers" to Benefit Breast Cancer Research, New York City; April 3, 1998
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Kate Moss (1990)

It’s hard to imagine a world of fashion without heroin chic super-girl Kate Moss at the helm. Moss was scouted early — at age 14! — on a family vacation in the Bahamas, and two years later found herself walking in John Galliano’s first Paris show in 1990. But it was her 1992 Calvin Klein campaign that skyrocketed her into the realm of fashion royalty. Mega-success, and contracts, followed, including: a YSL campaign (1993), winning VH1’s Model of the Year award (1996), Prada ads (1998), and more. Long live the queen!

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Kate Moss (1991)
Kate Moss and Alexander McQueen, London; Jan. 1, 1991
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Kate Moss (1992)
Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 1993; Oct. 1, 1992
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Kate Moss (1993)
London; Jan. 1, 1993
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Kate Moss (1994)
New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 1995; Sept. 1, 1994
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Kate Moss (1995)
Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, New York City; Jan. 1, 1995
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Kate Moss (1996)
Marc Jacobs New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 1997 Collection; Oct. 28, 1996
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Kate Moss (1997)
Diana, Princess Of Wales, meeting Kate Moss at the pre-auction party at Christies, New York City; June 23, 1997
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Kate Moss (1998)
Calvin Klein New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 1999 Collection; Sept. 18, 1998
" Sinead Lynch/AFP"
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Kate Moss (1999)
Backstage at Matthew Williamson London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2000; Sept. 22, 1999
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Christy Turlington (1990)

“Turlie,” as her friends called her, first began modeling in 1983 as a way to pay for her riding habit. As one part of “The Trinity” alongside Linda Evangelista and Naomi Cambell, Turlington spent the ‘90s as the face of Maybelline (1992), Prada (1993), Burberry (1994), and Calvin Klein underwear (1996). And let us never forget 1995’s Fashion Café, an ill-fated New York City business venture between fellow supermodels Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, and Elle Macpherson.

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Christy Turlington (1991)
Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington; Oct. 12, 1991
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Christy Turlington (1992)
Gala to benefit the new Costume Institute, New York City; Dec. 7, 1992
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Christy Turlington (1993)
Isaac Mizrahi New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 1994; Nov. 4, 1993
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Christy Turlington (1994)
The "Michael" Awards benefitting the National Children's Leukemia Foundation; April 11, 1994
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Christy Turlington (1995)
Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss at the Metropolitan Museum Gala, New York City; June 25, 1993
"Dave Benett/Hulton Archive"
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Christy Turlington (1996)
Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and Christy Turlington at the launch party for their Fashion Café venture, London; Sept. 26, 1996
"Ron Galella/Getty Images"
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Christy Turlington (1997)
Launch of "Contradiction" by Calvin Klein, New York City; Nov. 1, 1997
"Anina Zieminski/AFP"
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Christy Turlington (1998)
Gianni Versace Haute Couture charity auction, Cape Town, South Africa; Feb. 14, 1998
"Kevin Mazur/WireImage"
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Christy Turlington (1999)
Bono and Christy Turlington during the launch of NetAid Concert at the United Nations, New York City; Sept. 9, 1999
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