10 Cute Snow Boots for Women in 2022

Fashion, meet function.

mint green bag by Hermes and black vintage snow boots by Valentino as a detail of influencer and TV host Cathy Hummels during a street style shooting on January 24, 2021 in Munich, Germany
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Even if you love winter weather, there’s no denying how hard it can be to find a pair of boots that keep your feet dry and warm even after hours in the snow. While I've opted in the past to wear combat boots and simply struggle through the wet, icy, conditions, I’ve finally decided to find cute snow boots I can wear all winter long—and I’ve shared my top ten pairs with you to make your cold-weather experience just a little better. 

Unlike other types of boots, snow boots often come with a lot of fancy-sounding technology that can be hard to parse through. With that in mind, Marie Claire editors shared with me their winter boot recommendations, plus I examined seemingly endless options to find the snow boots that work best, no matter your needs. So, whether you need a pair of cute ankle boots that can work for either the office or your icy morning commute or are in the market for a high-performance pair of snow boots that will keep your toes warm when temperatures dip into the negatives, this list has you covered.

What to Look For in Snow Boots

There’s nothing worse than investing in a pair of winter boots that are supposed to be waterproof from an expensive boots brand and then feeling icy water creep in when you step into a puddle. This might sound basic, but the best snow boots are entirely waterproof, and should keep your feet warm against the conditions outside. One of the snow boots on the below list has an insulated sole so that your feet are protected from the chilly ground itself; others are decked out in warming faux fur accents. Others come from best-in-class rain boots brands like Hunter, so you can rest assured they'll be worth the money. To prove it to you, I’ve even listed a handy list of pros and cons for every single product so that you can compare all of your options at a glance. 

The Best Snow Boots

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