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21 White Elephant Gifts You’ll Want to Steal for Yourself

Nobody will go home disappointed.

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White elephant gift exchanges are fun in theory...until you end up with a heinous gag gift that has no practical use. Meanwhile, your cousin Ashley unwrapped her cool, new Polaroid Instant Camera. To make the exchanges fair and satisfying this season, here are 21 gifts you (and everyone else) will actually want. Trust me, no one will go home disappointed this season.

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An Artsy Puzzle Set
Areaware Dusen Dusen Pattern Puzzle

Designed by Dusen Dusen for Areaware, this 500-piece puzzle doubles as artwork once it's completed. The colors are bold and pigmented, adding just the necessary hues to brighten up your living room or bedroom walls. 

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A Head Massager
HoMedics Happy Vibrating Head Massager
Urban Outfitters

Massages are a luxury, given the time constraints we're all under with work and life. If you didn't have time to hit up your favorite masseuse, treat yourself to a few minutes of self-care before bed with this vibrating head massager. It makes all the difference. 

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A Travel-Friendly Shower Duo
Rum Body Duo
Malin + Goetz nordstrom.com

Malin + Goetz products are cult favorites in the beauty industry, so anyone will be stoked to receive a sampler of their products. This travel-friendly body wash and body lotion set has the scent of rum but don't worry, it's not overpowering. 

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A Set of Bookends
Set Of Two Stone Bookends
International Brass House

Everyone needs bookends, so this item won't turn away heads at the gifting reveal. Everyone, from your mom to your cousins will love the slate gray color with a hint of gold lines. 

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A Way to Destress at Work
Feel Better Destress Ball
Ban.dō bando.com

No matter how hard you squeeze this ball (balloon), it'll revert back to its original shape. The stress reliever is perfect to have on your desk when you're feeling a little tense. And at $8 a pop, you can afford to splurge on a few more for these for the white elephant event. Because honestly, everyone in the office needs one. 

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A Way to Make Breakfast Faster
Deluxe 12 Egg Cooker

Cut down on the time it takes to make eggs with this easy-to-use cooker. Simply pop in a few eggs, press the button, and walk away to brush your teeth and freshen up for work. Once the alarm rings, you'll come back to perfectly cooked hardboiled eggs for your avo toast. This contraption also makes omelettes and poached eggs.

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A Way to Save Leftover Wine
Wine Condoms
Neiman Marcus

First, LOL at the name wine condoms. Second, these rubber coverings are actually genius and highly practical for those of us who drink wine on the weekdays. When you can't finish that bottle (it's a Tuesday night, after all), cover it with one of these wine condoms and save for the next night. 

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A Unisex Beauty Set
Honey Pot Gift Set
Burt's Bees

Getting a white elephant gift that suits everyone in the office is a difficult task, so when in doubt opt for this Burt's Bees lotion, hand cream, and chapstick set. Not only is it unisex-friendly but everyone can benefit from some extra moisturizing in the wintertime.  

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An Alternative to Buying Lunch Every Day
Lunch Cookbook by Olivia Mack McCool

You weren't so good at sticking to budget this year because of all your random lunch runs. Do better in 2020 with this book on how to whip up satisfyingly delicious bowls. Forget the $15 over-priced bowls from the hip-trendy spot next door, you'll prefer the homemade stuff.

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A Vehicle for Drinks on the Go
Stemless Insulated Wine Glass
Corkcicle nordstrom.com

The perfect disguise for drinking wine at work (kidding!!). This insulated wine glass will keep any drink chill, or warm, which makes it perfect for those cold mornings when you're craving a hot cup of coffee or tea.

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A Weird but Cute Candle
Goober Candle - Green
Ban.dō bando.com

Before you say, ugh another candle, take a good look at this one. The odd misshapen candle is kind of weird and ugly to the point that it's actually cool and cute. Whoever picks this up won't be disappointed by its one-of-a-kind shape.

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A Healing Set
Crystal Healing Starter Kit

We could all use a little boost in spirituality for the new year, and this set of stones will help guide you to your zen. Carry them with you or keep them on your desk. Each stone has a different meaning, for example, amethyst symbolizes wisdom, clarity, and protection while crystal quartz brings direction, clarity, and protection from negative energy.

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A Portable Speaker
Mino Bluetooth Speaker
Lexon nordstrom.com

Instead of putting your iPhone into a cup to amplify the sound (desperate times calls for desperate measures), use this portable speaker. Now you can blast your favorite hits whether you're chilling in an Airbnb rental or on the beach.

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A Waffle Maker
Express Waffle Maker

Congrats to the lucky duck who snags this gift from the bag. This eight-inch pan comes in an adorable mint green shade and makes a single-serving size waffle for when you want a quick bite before work.  

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An Eye Mask
Silk Eye Mask
Silk Magnolia

Give your harried coworkers the gift of sleeping in. With this silky eye mask, that Saturday morning sunshine creeping through their curtains will be no bother. Blue should suit everyone just fine.

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A Tea Sampler Set
Tea Tasting Assortment Presentation Box
Tea Forte

Once all the presents are unwrapped, everyone will wish they'd picked this gift. The tea set, while packaged nicely, isn't just about looks, it tastes pretty damn good too. (Spoiler alert: I already have two boxes at home.)

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A Brainy Coaster Set
Trivial Pursuit Trivial Coaster Set

Try plowing through these trivia questions as you sip your coffee in the mornings. At night, when you have guests over, divide into teams and see who can answer the most cards correctly. Losers take shots. (Okay fine, one shot.)

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A Board-Game Alternative
Czech Games
$12.31 (38% off)

Cards Against Humanity is a modern classic, but your friend group will quickly abandon it for this winner. The game is all about mastery of the English language as spymasters offer one-word clues that could indicate several potential words on the table, which you'll then have to ID. Luck or skill? This game is both.

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A Set of Toothpaste
Assortment of Toothpaste

You might think a three-pack toothpaste set would fall more toward the boring end of the spectrum, but this high-end hipster-approved stuff will go fast, you'll see. They're travel-friendly, too.

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An Easy Cocktail-Making Book
3-Ingredient Cocktails Book
Robert Simonson

Impress your guests with your seemingly vast knowledge of cocktails this holiday season. This drinking guide featuring libations that require just three ingredients is your best-kept secret to crafting delectable drinks with minimal effort.

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Jenga, but Better
Stumbling Blocks 4 Shot Glasses and 60 Pieces
Two's Company

Every block is printed with a challenge and, should you lose, you'll have to take a shot. Stay in on a Saturday night to play with friends or get a quick game in before you head to your favorite bar. I'm already obsessed with this.

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