7 Lazy Day Outfits for When You Want to Look Nice Without Trying

*Drags self to the grocery store.*

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I’m the self-proclaimed grandma of my friend group. Most Saturday nights, I'd rather stay at home on my couch under a blanket than venture out to meet up for drinks. (And if there happens to be a new Korean drama series or movie out, then you definitely won't see me.) Lounging around is the best feeling ever because it doesn't require you to get too dressed up or even muster up the effort to put lotion on your face. But on the off-chance that you need to step outside your home, you can now lounge in both comfort and style. Browse through our favorite cozy "couch outfits," then shop the exact pieces. If you are forever a homebody, then FYI: Marie Claire editors have the best work from home outfit ideas too.

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Sweatpants Set

Sweatpants are the ultimate lazy-girl staple and almost everyone has a pair. (If you don't, here are our recs.) To turn your sweats into a cute outfit you can leave your house in—trips to the grocery store for snacks are essential—wear it with a coordinating pullover shirt or hoodie. Full sweat sets instantly make you look pulled together and take the stress out of rummaging through your closet for something that matches. You can even take the "cute" factor one step further into cool territory like Rihanna by styling your set with heels.

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Mock Neck Raglan
Les Tien lestien.com

This mock neck top comes in several colors, but I love this soft lavender hue the best.

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Classic Sweatpant
Les Tien lestien.com

Wear with the matching lavender sweats for a complete look. 

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RS-X3 C&S Sneakers
Puma shopbop.com

Want to keep your outfit monochromatic? Slip into these sneakers that have a touch of purple design all over.

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One of the best qualities of your favorite pair of jeans? They can be the "lazy" part of your outfit without looking like it. The trick is to know how to style it, like with an oversize sweater and eye-catching shoes. This outfit, spotted on Moda Operandi's Buying Director Lisa Aiken, is painless to throw together and uses everything you likely already have in your closet.

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Slouchy Oversized Turtleneck Sweater
& Other Stories stories.com

This slouchy oversize sweater looks great over dresses, skirts, and jeans. Go with a beige option if you're looking for a top that matches everything else in your closet.

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The Tomcat Ripped High Waist Ankle Jeans
MOTHER nordstrom.com

Jeans with slight rips around the knees seem relaxed and casual. They give off the perfect "I'm not trying too hard" vibe. 

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Track Pants

What's a step up from sweats? Track pants, especially if they have side stripes or button embellishments. The sporty bottoms are as easy to wear as your favorite cotton joggers, but give off a stronger athelsiure vibe. You can style them with a track jacket, t-shirt, or even a crop top come summertime.

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Glam Dunk Striped Satin Track Pants
Nike net-a-porter.com
$32.00 (60% off)

Fans of basketball will love this pair of track pants inspired by clothing from the sport. The bottom is embroidered with the iconic swoosh logo in gold and feature wide legs with adjustable snap buttons. 

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Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are like leggings, but ultra cropped. They also come in just as many prints and colors. From biker shorts designed specifically for workouts to more casual, everyday styles, this bottom looks good with any no-fuss tops in your closet. Even Princess Diana couldn't resist wearing them back in the day, which means biker shorts are also a royal-approved lazy staple.

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Limited Edition Unisex T-Shirt
Acne Studios acnestudios.com

This unisex t-shirt is from the brand's collaboration with artist Daniel Silver and is perfect for both you and bae, especially if you're always borrowing his shirts. The tee features an abstract collage that's created by hand with fragments of metallic and glitter-coated fabrics.

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V Waist Biker Shorts
Year of Ours shopbop.com

For a pair of biker shorts with texture, try this ribbed activewear jersey style.

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A Workout Set

Matching workout sets make me happy and are personally part of my WFH and weekend wardrobe. Just like a sweats set, slipping into a coordinating workout top and bottom takes away the pain of getting dressed. You know everything matches already and you know you look good/feel comfortable. If heeled booties aren't for you, stick to sneakers and sandals. Feeling cold? Layer a cute athleisure jacket over your set.

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Intent Jacket
Alo aloyoga.com

This jacket is made from a fleece and woven mix, making it a great piece to have for the in-between seasons. You can layer it over your workout set or wear it with your non-Pilates class clothes.

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High-Rise 7/8 Length Good Karma Legging
FP Movement freepeople.com

These high-rise, super soft leggings come in a variety of colors, so stock up on your favorite hues. Style with a matching good karma top to get you in the mood for that flow.

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We've established that leggings will always be an important part of our dressed-down wardrobe, so they're definitely a must-have in every lazy girl's closet. There's no wrong way to style them, except you might want to avoid these early 2000s legging ensembles. Elevate your leggings game with a leathery or colorful pair.

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Live In High-Waist Leggings
Zella nordstrom.com

Don't worry about your leggings slipping down with this high-waisted pair. They'll hug your frame perfectly and the high rise fit makes it suitable for styling with cropped tops.

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A Great Cover-Up Coat

The easiest way to roll out of bed and out the door while still looking put together is a distractingly beautiful coat. Any "lazy" outfit will look great if you have outerwear like Alexa Chung's, which is from designer Simone Rocha.

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Floral Print Silk Trench Coat
Dolce & Gabbana net-a-porter.com
$1,647.50 (50% off)

This airy, silk organza floral trench coat is your daily reminder to stop and smell the flowers along the way. Okay, this is a lot harder to do if you live in the city or places without many flowers but at least you'll have this garden-inspired coat? With this on, anything you have underneath looks grand.

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