The Worst Oscar Dresses of All Time

Lady Gaga and her red gloves...unforgettable.

The Worst Oscar Dresses of All Time
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For the Oscars every year, actors and actresses travel to Hollywood from all around the world for a little recognition from The Academy. Last year, we got a steamy performance from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, an insane amount of sexy dresses, and, of course, the drama that led to the awards having no host for the first time since 1989. There was plenty to love, but there were also a few unforgettable looks on the red carpet, and I don't mean that in a good way. I get it, picking a gown for Hollywood's biggest night can be hit or miss, but these gowns from past years' Oscars were definite misses. (They also made me really love my three-year-old-sweatpants I watched the Oscars in.)

Krystyna Chávez

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