The 14 Best Jewelry Boxes to Fill With Glittery Things

They basically double as decor.

jewelry box
(Image credit: Design by Morgan McMullen)

At the end of a long day, I take off my ringsearrings, and necklaces and put them on my dresser or bathroom sink. Now, I'm not a messy person per se, but often a midi ring or earring stud will go MIA. They fall behind my dresser or roll off the sink, forcing me to jump into action to save my earrings before they make it down the drain. I've only recently started using tiny jewelry dishes to contain my growing accessories collection (spring 2021's jewelry trends are looking pretty good, by the way), but even that isn't the best solution. I've learned I need an actual jewelry box. In my search for one, I found plenty of pretty organizers that not only have many compartments to hold my baubles, but also double as cute decor for my house. Ahead, I shared my favorite jewelry holders so you too won't lose any more precious jewels.

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