The 12 Best Jewelry Boxes and Organizers of 2023

Say goodbye to those Ziplock baggies and chipped dishes.

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At the end of a long day, I take off my rings, earrings, and necklaces and put them on my dresser or bathroom sink. Now, I'm not a messy person per se, but often a midi ring or earring stud will go MIA. It'll fall behind my dresser or roll off the sink, forcing me to jump into action to save my jewelry before it makes it down the drain. I've only recently started using jewelry dishes to contain my growing accessories collection (fall 2023's jewelry trends are looking pretty good, by the way), but even that isn't the best solution. I've learned I need an actual jewelry box to not only prevent a tragic mistake but to properly store my favorite jewelry pieces so they stay sparkling for years to come. 

In my search for one, I’ve realized that not all jewelry boxes are created alike—some have multiple compartments, some are lined, and some are as simple as a tray and a lid. So which box will provide the best storage for my pieces and double as cute décor for my space? I tapped jewelry designer and founder of ISA NOY Jewelry, Isabel Herrero, to find out.

What to Look For in a Jewelry Box or Organizer

  • Materials 

Sure, any old jewelry box is a step above storing your jewelry haphazardly across your dresser, but the material of the box really matters if you want your jewelry to last for years to come. Herrero recommends opting for boxes made from soft, natural fibers. “I recommend silk, velvet, or cotton,” she says. “The gentle nature of these materials will not scratch or mark any of the jewelry.” 

While Herrero recommends a lined jewelry box, that’s not to say you can’t put your favorite pieces on display with a dish or tray. Just make sure to line it with a soft piece of fabric for protection, says Herrero. 

  • Compartments

You’ll also want your jewelry box to have plenty of different compartments. “Keep the pieces from bumping each other, no matter what jewelry organizer you go for,” Herrero says. “It's best if they all have room and their own breathing space.” 

It’s especially important to keep your diamond and gemstone jewelry separated to prevent scratches or marks. Herrero explains that each stone has a different rating on the Mohs hardness scale, which basically rates each gem's scratch resistance from 1 to 10. Diamonds are the hardest material there is with a Mohs rating of 10, so they can scratch any other stone. So, to keep your jewelry in tip-top shape, separate your pieces into different compartments. 

The Best Jewelry Boxes and Organizers

How to Store Jewelry

Now that you’ve got a jewelry box lined up, don’t just throw your pieces in willy-nilly. Follow these tips to ensure your jewelry lasts a lifetime because, as Herrero recommends, “Let's give our pieces the same love when we store them as when we wear them.” 

  • Always keep your items separated: "Separating the jewelry from each other will prevent any unwanted scratches to your pieces and stones," explains Herrero. 
  • Avoid humid areas: Humidity and moisture can lead to your jewelry tarnishing, so it's best to keep your jewelry in a dry place.  A homemade sachet can also ensure your jewelry stays dry and they are easy to make. Herrero says, "Fill a clean piece of cloth with two handfuls of rice, add a few drops of lavender or rose hip essential oil, use a string to wrap the bundle, and place it here and there for results." 
  • Close your necklace clasps before storing: It may sound like a no-brainer tip, but it'll work wonders for keeping your necklaces untangled. 
  • Avoid direct heat and sunlight on your jewelry storage: Try to keep your jewelry box and pieces away from the sun and heat. "Heat can remove natural moisture in gems and affect their durability and color in the long term," says Herrero. 
  • Clean your jewelry before storing: It doesn't need to be an extensive cleaning—a gentle wipe down using a microfiber cloth will remove any unwanted dirt and natural body oils from your jewelry, ensuring they will last. 

Meet the Expert

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Isabel Herrero

Isabel was born and raised in the Caribbean on the island of Puerto Rico. After leaving the island to pursue her architecture and fine arts degree, she started traveling the world. By experiencing other cultures, she gained a deeper appreciation of the richness of her roots.

The desire to celebrate her Caribbean identity began to shape her as a jeweler and artist. Her jewelry reminds her of the place she calls home and the person she has become. Her collections are her intimate way of sharing the essence of the Caribbean. With every one-of-a-kind piece made, she believes to be closer to that tropical air from where she gets inspired. She wishes her brand to speak of that Caribbean spirit she treasures so deeply. She has left her life as an architect and interior designer and devotes herself to her passion for jewelry, a love she inherited from her mother and father, both of whom are passionate advocates of fine jewelry.

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