The 20 Best Jewelry Boxes and Organizers of 2024, According to Experts

20 picks that are not only functional, but chic enough to serve as decor.

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Any fashion fan will tell you they believe an outfit isn't complete without a bauble or two—a simple bracelet, a statement ring, or a sparkling piece from one of your favorite jewelry brands that give your look a certain je ne sais quoi. Towards the end of the day, I often have to dedicate a few minutes to removing the day's curation of rings, earrings, and necklaces, and I've learned the hard way not to leave them willy-nilly on my dresser. Plastic baggies and jewelry dishes don't seem to solve the issue of keeping my jewelry organized and accounted for, and they're not exactly cute lying around the house. So, what must a girl do to secure her jewelry collection? Invest in one of the best jewelry boxes.

On my hunt to find the best jewelry box to suit my needs, I've realized that not all boxes are created equal—some have multiple compartments, some are lined, and some are as simple as a tray and a lid. There's a range of sizes, too, from travel-friendly zippered cases to large-and-in-charge chests that double as decor. A great jewelry box doesn't just hold your jewelry pieces, either. It protects your jewels from scratches and tarnishing so they stay sparkling for years. To find the best jewelry boxes that also check the proverbial boxes, I dug for the best experts to weigh in on my messy jewelry situation. I tapped experts Isabel Herrero, a jewelry designer and founder of ISA NOY Jewelry, and Caroline Solomon, a New York-based organizing expert, to find out exactly what makes the best jewelry boxes.

What to Look For in a Jewelry Box or Organizer

  • Materials 

Sure, any old jewelry box is a step above storing your jewelry haphazardly across your dresser top, but the box's interior and exterior material is really what matters if you want your jewelry to last for years. Herrero recommends opting for boxes made from soft, natural fibers. "I recommend silk, velvet, or cotton," she says. "The gentle nature of these fabrics won't scratch or mark any jewelry." Solomon agrees. "Fabrics like velvet or velveteen are excellent for jewelry storage because they cushion jewelry and prevent scratching."

While Herrero recommends a lined jewelry box, that's not to say you can't put your favorite pieces on display with a dish or tray. "Just line it with a soft piece of fabric for protection," explains Herrero. 

  • Compartments

You'll also want your jewelry box to have plenty of different compartments. "Keep the pieces from bumping each other, no matter what jewelry organizer you go for," Herrero says. "It's best if they all have room and breathing space." 

Separating your diamond and gemstone jewelry is especially important to prevent scratches or marks. Herrero explains that each stone has a different rating on the Mohs hardness scale, which rates each gem's scratch resistance from 1 to 10. Diamonds are the hardest material on the Mohs scale, rating 10, so they can scratch any other stone when they come in contact. Separate your pieces into different compartments to keep your jewelry in tip-top shape. 

The Best Jewelry Boxes and Organizers

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How to Store Jewelry

“Let's give our pieces the same love when we store them as when we wear them," Herrero says. Now that you’ve got a jewelry box lined up don’t just throw your pieces in willy-nilly. Follow these tips to ensure your jewelry lasts a lifetime.

  • Always keep your items separated: "Separating the jewelry from each other will prevent any unwanted scratches to your pieces and stones," explains Herrero. Gold jewelry, for instance, is best kept separate in those tiny, soft pouches often included with the piece, or Solomon says to consider wrapping each in tissue paper. "Silver should be stored in a clean, dry compartment away from other different metals to prevent scratching and tarnishing," she notes.
  • Avoid humid areas: Humidity and moisture can lead to jewelry tarnishing, so keeping it dry is best. A homemade sachet can also ensure your jewelry stays dry and is easy to DIY yourself. "Fill a clean piece of cloth with two handfuls of rice, add a few drops of lavender or rose hip essential oil, use a string to wrap the bundle, and place it here and there for results," says Herrero.
  • Close your necklace clasps before storing: It may sound like a no-brainer tip, but it'll work wonders for keeping your necklaces untangled. 
  • Avoid direct heat and sunlight on your jewelry storage: Try to keep your jewelry box and pieces away from the sun and heat. "Heat can remove natural moisture in gems and affect their durability and color in the long term," says Herrero. 
  • Clean your jewelry before storing: It doesn't need to be an extensive cleaning—a gentle wipe down using a microfiber cloth will remove any unwanted dirt and natural body oils from your jewelry, ensuring they will last. 
  • Store your jewelry based on frequency: While this is a matter of personal preference, Solomon recommends organizing your jewelry not just by categories but also by how frequently you wear them. "If you switch up your necklaces and rings more frequently than your earrings, for instance, it makes sense to store these items on top of your jewelry box," she explains.

Meet the Experts

headshot of Isabel Hererro, jewelry designer
Isabel Herrero

Isabel was born and raised in the Caribbean on the island of Puerto Rico. After leaving the island to pursue her architecture and fine arts degree, she started traveling the world. By experiencing other cultures, she gained a deeper appreciation of the richness of her roots.

The desire to celebrate her Caribbean identity began to shape her as a jeweler and artist. Her jewelry reminds her of the place she calls home and the person she has become. Her collections are her intimate way of sharing the essence of the Caribbean. With every one-of-a-kind piece made, she believes to be closer to that tropical air from where she gets inspired. She wishes her brand to speak of that Caribbean spirit she treasures so deeply. She has left her life as an architect and interior designer and devotes herself to her passion for jewelry, a love she inherited from her mother and father, both of whom are passionate advocates of fine jewelry.

Caroline Solomon headshot
Caroline Solomon

Holding a BA in Psychology from Harvard and having worked in the beauty editorial world for many years, Caroline brings a unique sense of pragmatism and polish to the home organizing world. She’s used her expertise to transform many cluttered homes into beautifully curated spaces. Coupled with her elevated editorial background, Caroline enjoys creating compelling short-form videos on home organization, cleaning, and tidying and regularly posts to her TikTok account, @neat.caroline.

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