16 Gym Bags That Are Stylish Enough to Schlep to the Office

So close I can feel it!

gym bags for women
(Image credit: Design by Morgan McMullen)

A sign of becoming a functioning adult typically involves throwing your sneakers (opens in new tab)sports bra (opens in new tab), water bottle, top, and pants (opens in new tab) into a gym bag for that workout class after work, then carrying a separate bag (opens in new tab) that has your phone, laptop, tampons, and 500 other "just in case" items. But the only thing worse than schlepping a gym bag to the office is schlepping one that looks like you're on the way to your two-week sabbatical. (No, Susan, I'm just going to Rumble (opens in new tab) later.) As we begin to safely return to our offices and gyms, keep it light, cool, and casual with these stylish gym bags, ahead.

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