Pointed-Toe Flats You'll Never Want to Take Off

Chic, dainty, and oh-so comfy.

So you have an important meeting, a post-work date, or your best friend's wedding, but you can't bear to squeeze your feet into a pair of uncomfortable (albeit impressive) sky-high heels. On the other hand, you don't want to compromise your style with an uninspired commuter flat. Enter: The pointed-toe flat, the ballet flat's sophisticated cousin. Yes, a flat, but with a pointed toe. While it's not a new silhouette, designers are taking a novel approach this spring with inventive color combos, chic hardware, and high-end finishes that are deemed appropriate for both work and play. Oh, and did we mention they're super comfy? Ahead, pointed-toe flats that will give your stilettos a run for their money.

Sara Holzman is the Fashion Editor at Marie Claire covering runway trends and tracking down the latest finds to buy and wear. When she’s not writing about fashion, she pens about the best places to jet-off to.