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17 Jewelry Brands to Refresh Your Accessories Collection With

Get to know these new brands before everyone else discovers them.

jewelry brands to know for 2020
Tyler Joe

Like wine, jewelry gets finer with age if properly cared for. Think of the British royal family, who swear by decades-old tiaras and jewels that are rich with history and still sparkle. Though we won't be borrowing from Queen E's private collection any time soon, we all dream of finding jewelry that will last us a lifetime. And a good place to start, whether you're looking to refresh your accessories collection or start anew, are the modern, fan-favorite brands that strive to make timeless and high-quality jewelry.

These newer, fresh labels need our support; they also allow us the chance to score something truly unique, a find that no one else will have and one we'll cherish forever. By the time everyone else discovers the brand, your jewelry piece will have already become a must-have. Whether you're looking for costume jewelry, eco-friendly stone necklaces, or dainty gold rings, we've pinpointed the new jewelry brands to have on your radar, ahead.

The Colorful Jewelry
Chroma Illusion Pendant Necklace
Jennifer DeMoro jenniferdemoro.com

Launched in 2021, each of Jennifer DeMoro's pieces are colorful, light-hearted, and yet sophisticated.  The Southern California-based designer embeds her "California cool" aesthetic into each of her pieces. 

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The Affordable Gold Jewlery
Old English Initial Necklace
Stella and Haas stellaandhaas.com

In 2019, female- and Black-owned brand Stella and Haas launched a line of everyday gold pieces that are perfect for layering or wearing alone.

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The Playful Jewelry
Mixed Baroque Pearl Collar Necklace
Fry Powers frypowers.com

New York-based jewelry brand Fry Powers launched last year, and every piece is a mood booster. Why? Every piece of the collection has a colorful and/or fun element, like the varying sizes of the pearls in this necklace.

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The Sustainable Jewelry
Mini Kinoko Marble Blue
Ana Luisa analuisa.com

Sustainable jewelry brand Ana Luisa makes both fashion-forward and timeless pieces. The jewelry is sustainable, too; all the pieces are made in limited batches using recycled materials. Bonus: The brand offers affordable price points. Our favorite piece? These hand-painted earrings. 

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The Forever Jewelry
Candy Sapphire Necklace

When designing his jewelry line, Milamore, George Inaki Root had his grandmother Milagros in mind. This New York-based brand is inspired by the designer's Japanese heritage and boasts pieces that include colorful stones, pearls, and zodiac gems.

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The Murano Jewelry
Twist Earrings
Keane moma.org

Keane, a New York City-based jewelry brand, is designed by Colin Lynch. Lynch brings his glass-blowing techniques to the masses through his wearable glass pieces.  

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The Statement Jewelry
Alphabet Gold-Plated Pearl Necklace
Pacharee net-a-porter.com

Pacharee jewelry is the brainchild of Sophie Rogers, a Switzerland-based designer who was born and raised in Thailand. The designer's fascination with jewelry started at a young age; her father was a well-known jewelry wizard who invented cutting edge-stone techniques. Rogers loves the organic, raw look of pearls with stones, as evidenced by this necklace.

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The Organic Jewelry
Line Earrings With Pearls
Esra Dandin esradandin.com

Esra Dandin, a jewelry brand based in Istanbul, was created out of the designer's passion for timeless design. All of her pieces are simple but elegant; Dandin's jewelry is made with sterling silver pearls, natural stones, and wood.

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The Sculptural Jewelry
Crunched: A Tale of Abandoned Legal Strategies Gold-Plated Earrings
Completedworks net-a-porter.com

Anna Jewsbury founded Completedworks as a way to combine her love of history and politics into wearable art, like these sculptural earrings. All her pieces are handcrafted in London, and the brand is beloved by celebs like Alexa Chung, Emma Watson, and Naomie Harris. 

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The Sleek Jewelry
Marta Pinky Ring Vermeil
MM Druck mmdruck.com

MM Druck is an effortless yet bold jewelry brand. Molly Zimmerman, the designer, is inspired by modernist architecture, sculptures, and Scandinavian designs.

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The Modern Jewlery
Silver Sun Earring
Sapir Bachar sapirbachar.com

Sapir Bachar, a former textile designer for Proenza Schouler and Calvin Klein, founded her namesake jewelry brand in 2019.  She was inspired by her personal collection and by the motion of draped fabrics. The jewelry is abstract and simple, yet very distinct and easily recognizable. 

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The Eco-Friendly Jewelry
In The Loop Hoops
Cled thecled.com

Cled, a sustainable jewelry brand, creates accessories made from upcycled and discarded resources like discarded glass. The glass is cleaned and melted away to form new and beautiful gems, like these earrings. As the saying goes: One man's trash is another man's treasure, and these earrings are most certainly treasures. 

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The Timeless Jewelry
Barre Ring
Sherman Field shermanfield.com

Sherman Field, once a London-based high-end clothing brand, has been relaunched as a fine jewelry label by Danielle Sherman, the granddaughter of the founders. Danielle was previously a co-founder of The Row and held positions at both Alexander Wang and Edun. When it comes to making jewelry, she designs with an artistic eye pieces that will last a lifetime.  

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The Boho Jewlery
Shaker Hoop
Chérie cheriela.com

Hailing from LA, Chérie carries both contemporary and fine pieces that are perfect for everyday. Each piece makes a statement but isn't too trendy.  

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The Edgy Jewelry
Icon Drop Hoop Earrings
DEMARSON nordstrom.com

New York-based jewelry brand Demarson is ideal for the modern, eclectic woman on the move. 

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The Gold Statement Jewlery
Gold-Plated Over Stainless Steel Chain
Epifene epifene.com

Founded in 2018 by two friends, Épifenē makes gold statement pieces that are perfect for day or night. 

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The Stone Jewelry
Chunky Gem Ring
Short and Suite shortandsuite.com

Short & Suite, which launched in 2020, aims to bring customers eye-catching jewelry that is also affordable. The collection is comprised of simple, colorful stone jewelry.  

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