22 Comfy Jumpsuits You'll Never Want to Change Out Of

Brb, staying in this one-piece for a week straight.

best comfortable jumpsuits
(Image credit: Design by Susanna Hayward)

Jumpsuits are one of my favorite articles of clothing, second only to slip dresses, because they don't require you to figure out the whole top-and-bottom combo. You just slip the loungewear-esque one-piece on, throw on some shoes, and go. The only downside to jumpsuits, as everyone knows, is the tricky bathroom situation. Thus, when you're shopping for a jumpsuit, which will basically render you naked in bathrooms, you might as well invest in one that's actually comfortable. (I've had my share of too-tight belted one-pieces, and it's not fun.) Look for jumpsuits that offer either a wide-leg fit or come in soft, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Better yet, look for jumpsuits that feel light as air and gently flow away from your body when you move. I've found 22 said comfy jumpsuits, so shop them ahead.

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Marina Liao
Fashion Editor

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