Your Guide to a Minimalist Wardrobe

Start with these key pieces.

Back to Basics: How to Build a Minimalist Wardrobe
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Raise your hand if you had a Marie Kondo closet-purge moment at any point in the last six months. Yup, me too. If there's one thing to take from this dumpster fire of a year we just had, it's the idea of a stripped-back wardrobe. It's finally 2021, and as we ease back into getting dressed I suggest going back to the basics and leaving over-the-top fashion behind. Minimalism doesn't have to be boring or break the bank—it's all about purchasing classic items and elevated basics that will never go out of style. From splurge-worthy coats to affordable luxe sweaters, here are the pieces to get you started.

1. A Classic Coat

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A Classic Coat

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A classic trench coat is a wardrobe must-have. This iconic item is never going out of style.

2. A Crisp White Button-Down

A Crisp White Button-Down

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A white button-down can be worn in a million different ways. This simple yet chic item is a minimalist must-have.

3. A Black Blazer 

A Black Blazer

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Nothing screams minimal chic like an all-black look.

4. A Black Turtleneck 

A Black Turtleneck

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A black turtleneck bodysuit is a great layering piece come winter. Wear on its own with some black trousers or layer a classic blazer or trench on top.

5. Tailored Trousers 

Tailored Trousers

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A pair of great trousers aren't just for the boardroom. Dress them down with casual knits and t-shirts.

6. A Simple Slip

A Simple Slip

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A black slip dress is one of those pieces that will always come in handy. Dress it up with a pair of strappy sandals for a night out or layer a cozy knit on top and add a pair of boots for a daytime look.

7. The Perfect Pair of White Sneakers

The Perfect Pair of White Sneakers

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A classic pair of white sneakers are comfortable, chic, and go with everything.

8. A Classic Loafer

A Classic Loafer

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Add some prep to your step with a classic loafer.

9. An Easy-to-Wear Jumpsuit

An Easy-to-Wear Jumpsuit

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Jumpsuits are the perfect lazy-day hack—effortlessly chic.

10. An Easy Knit

An Easy Knit

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You truly can't go wrong with a classic knit sweater in a neutral color.

21. Good Ol' Blue Jeans

Good Ol' Blue Jeans

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This one is a given. Every girl needs a pair of classic blue jeans.

22. A Knit Dress

A Knit Dress

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A knit dress is another super versatile piece. Wear it with a blazer and boots for a casual look, or some strappy sandals to dress things up.

23. An Everyday Bag