The 10 Best Cropped Cardigans of 2023

Leave the oversized knits behind.

cropped cardigan
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The best sweater collections are well-rounded: Your arsenal of cozy wares should include chunky cable knits and turtlenecks but ensure you have an array of lightweight sweaters. Think of a breezy, open-weave pullover or a sleeveless mock neck you can reach for on early spring days. And, of course, don't forget about a cropped cardigan, which, according to the Spring 2023 runways, is a standout silhouette for the upcoming season.

"The cropped cardigan trend is super hot at the moment because it offers the warmth of a cardigan, but with a playful (and sometimes skin-baring) edge," explains Katie Englund, Stitch Fix's stylist expert. She adds that the abbreviated knit is ideal for when the weather leaves you in wardrobe limbo. 

What do you do when it's too warm to pull out your heavy wool sweaters but too cold to go without a knit of any kind? "Slip into a cropped cardigan and call it a day," says Englund. Below you'll find a round-up of the best cropped cardigans 2023's market has to offer and more expert insight on how to style the trending silhouette. 

What to Look For

  • Fit

"Some clients might prefer an oversized boxy fit while others opt for a slim fit," says Englund. "Think about how you want to style the cropped cardigan. Will you wear a heavier long-sleeve shirt underneath or a tank top?" That, she says, should inform which fit you should choose.

  • Materials

"As far as materials go, cropped cardigans made from thicker fabrics, such as wool or cashmere, will provide you with a warm and cozy winter vibe," says the Stitch Fix stylist. She says that cotton, crochet, and open weaves are best if you like a lighter-weight, easy-breezy style.

  • Personal Style

"When styling clients, I recommend looking for items that reflect their unique personal style," Englund explains. Ultimately, she says it's best to defer to your personal preference as opposed to what the trend cycle dictates or the present runways. 

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Meet the Expert

Katie Englund
Katie Englund

As a Stitch Fix Styling Team Leader, Katie Englund manages a growing team of stylists across the Midwest Region. Katie leverages her previous marketing experience and 4+ years at Stitch Fix to lead a team focused on collaboration, problem-solving, and styling expertise. Katie is passionate about helping clients understand their personal style and is a big fan of building capsule wardrobes.

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