The Best Wool Sweaters to Live in When Temperatures Plummet

Your warmest winter essential just got that much more essential.

A woman wearing a heavy wool sweater. Overlaid text reads, "The Essentials"
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Welcome to The Essentials, our weekly series highlighting a must-have classic, key to building a timeless, pulled-together closet.

'Tis the season...for temperatures to plummet. When all of the parks, sidewalks, and rooftops have been covered in a blanket of snow, all we want is to throw on a thick sweater and curl up with a (spiked) hot beverage to take in the full beauty of our winter wonderland. The key to all of it? The perfect wool sweater. Whether you're looking for a gift for a loved one or another to add to your own collection, scroll down for our favorite knitted wool sweaters. From classic fair isles to thick and durable wool sweaters that keep you bundled up, these sweaters will be the next best thing you've ever bought. You can thank me later.

Taylor Ayers
Taylor Ayers

Taylor Ayers is fashion editor at Marie Claire covering the new editorial fashion trends, looks, and contemporary styles.