What I Wear to Work: Gillian Williams

The cofounder of Monday Talent incorporates silks and soft sweaters into her weekday wardrobe.

Gillian Williams the founder of Monday Talent
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In our bi-weekly series, we highlight dynamic women—from entrepreneurs and small business founders to CEOs and celebrities—discussing their style ethos, the pieces that empower them, and how they balance life alongside whirlwind careers.

Seven years ago, a New York City recruiter planted a seed in Gillian Williams's head: Her bubbly personality and communication skills could be a huge success in the recruiting world.

Williams, then a confused 20-something navigating the hectic fashion industry, welcomed the opportunity to step into a role that played to her strengths. She had imagined recruiting as a matchmaking game—getting to know people and linking them to compatible career mates.

After several years of agency experience with a fashion recruiting company, Williams began to recognize that the job expectations were not a complete match for her own goals and core values. More often than not, Williams cringed as she saw the bottom line trump the well-being of her clients.

After discussing her disappointment with a like-minded coworker (now her business partner), Williams decided to leave her corporate job to start her own recruiting and relationship-building agency. Monday Talent officially launched in February 2020. 

The company and its unconventional recruiting style align with Williams' ethics, her people skills, and her strong support of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the workplace.

Working predominately from home with a schedule where no two days are alike, Williams runs her business while maintaining a realistic mix of comfort and balance. Her workwear obsessions include tactile separates like silk pants, linen tops, and cozy sweaters for dropping temps. Ahead, here's what Williams does and wears to tackle her weekdays.

Gillian Williams of Monday Talent

Gillian Williams in her Brooklyn home office wearing one of her go-to workday sweaters.

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On Her Morning Routine:

I am not a morning person, and my routine flexes with my schedule. My routine is that there isn't necessarily a set routine! If I know I won't be on camera for a few hours, I'll take a leisurely morning. A phone call from my bed is my safe spot. 

My dream was always to be able to roll over, pick up the phone, and get some stuff done. I've been able to make that happen.

I got a pandemic puppy. As a newer dog mom, I'm just getting used to his routine. I'm lucky that I have outdoor space to let him outside on our patch of grass in the early mornings.

Then, I will say that I try to have a good skincare morning routine. But again, like with most other things, I'm not consistent. There will be some days where I'm amazing, and I do it all, and then other days where I'm like, "Screw it, as long as I brush my teeth and wash my face, I'm okay." 

Gillian Williams of Monday Talent

Williams working from her home office in Brooklyn, New York.

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On Her Go-To Pieces:

Before working from home, I didn't prioritize things like comfort. Now I wear a lot of leggings throughout the day. I have these Norma Kamali leggings that have a little slit on the side. I love them because they make me feel a bit chicer. I've been so obsessed with these creamy satin trousers from The Row. I am the type of person who purchases the same pieces repeatedly.

When it gets a little colder, I always have a go-to sweater, usually in cream or white, and I love button-downs. They always look good on a Zoom call.

I've also been making a conscious decision to support Black-owned businesses. I love the accessories brand Brother Vellies and their founder Aurora James. I look up to her and her mission to change the fashion industry while pushing other companies with her 15 percent pledge.

Gillian Williams with her Monday Talent partners

Williams with her Monday Talent partners.

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On Confidence Dressing:

It's been interesting trying to figure out my style. I'm at this unique phase in life when I'm the founder of a company—so I want to feel like I'm dressing to command respect—but then I'm still in my early thirties, so I don't want to look too matronly. 

Silk pants make me feel like I'm almost in pajamas, but then they have that added level of polish. I'll pair them with a mix-and-match silk top. It's essential for me to feel like I'm in that power outfit when I want to tackle the day. It's funny how much clothes can transform your confidence level.

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