Allow Katie Holmes to Introduce You to the 'Bustling Downtown Mom' Aesthetic

A big blanket scarf? Several shopping bags? "Real Moms of Williamsburg" energy? Check, check, check.

Katie Holmes shopping while wearing a colorful plaid scarf with a white beanie and blue jeans
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Katie Holmes is one of those celebrities who can fly under the radar regarding fashion but then pull out an incredible street-style moment that catches our attention. Remember when she wore a cashmere Khaite bra and single-handedly launched the comfy-meets-sexy movement of 2019? A similar moment just happened with her latest fit. The actress was spotted shopping in NYC, shopping bags in hand, wearing the ideal winter ensemble for any trendy mom on the go: copious cold-weather accessories, blue jeans, and Adidas Sambas. Perhaps we'll classify Holmes' outfit as "bustling downtown mom"? Sorry to add another term to the nonexistent aesthetic dictionary, but this one just works.

So what does this "bustling downtown mom" aesthetic mean, you may ask? Oh, you didn't? Well, we will tell you anyway. The "bustling downtown mom" is a little disheveled but always on-trend—laid-back but always in a hurry. She has three children in a private school, and she's always the coolest mom at pick-up. We admire her. We want to be her one day. Think of it as the sister to the "frazzled English woman" trend but with Adidas Sambas and a kooky color palette instead of Fair Isle sweaters and skinny scarves.

Now, back to Katie's outfit, which is a perfect example of the concept at play. The eye immediately goes to Holmes' oversized, colorful scarf. It's really the only hint of color in the look, and we are here for it. Much like Gigi Hadid's recent look, Holmes sported a classic white beanie to keep warm in these (kind of?) chilly temps. As for the rest of the outfit, she kept things fairly basic with an oversized shacket and light-wash blue jeans. She also slipped into a pair of Adidas Sambas, a constant go-to for her (she's just like us, for real).

Katie Holmes wearing a colorful scarf with blue jeans and Adidas Sambas

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Holmes has proved herself to be somewhat of a style chameleon, sometimes leaning boho-chic, other times even a bit edgy. However, her outfits always carry a "girl next door" throughline. She has truly mastered the art of minimalism, but she isn't afraid of color either. All in all, she's a style icon that my mom and I can both look to when we need outfit inspiration.

So, thinking about trying out the "bustling downtown mom" aesthetic for yourself? To channel Holmes' look, you'll need to start with a base of a classic oversized shacket or any cold-weather outerwear of your choosing and a pair of relaxed light-wash blue jeans. Then, pick out your favorite oversized plaid scarf—the more color, the better. From there, you'll want to throw on your favorite white beanie plus a pair of Adidas Sambas, and you're out the door, ready to conquer school pick-up and the latest art gallery opening.

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