The 17 Best Shackets for In-Between Seasons

Is it a shirt? A jacket? It's both.

best shackets
(Image credit: Edward Berthelot)

Webster's defines a shacket as a portmanteau of shirt and jacket, and in reality... that's precisely what it is. Not quite as heavy or utilitarian as a jacket and not as lightweight or insubstantial as a shirt, a shacket is a transitional layering piece for all seasons. Proof? Shackets reign supreme across the globe, from Hamburg to Paris, Soho to South London. So, even if your initial reaction was along the lines of, "What is a shacket?" it's okay to shift your mentality to, "Okay, I want one."

If you don't already have a go-to shacket (or six), you've probably coveted a style or two, and for good reason. The best shackets are perfectly at home alongside leggings, denim, biker shorts, and slip dresses. Also? Many are supremely cozy. Pick one up in a neutral shade of beige, ivory, or pewter, or consider a flashier plaid, pastel, or ultra-bright hue. Of course, plenty of designer versions are splurge-worthy, be it an artsy pattern, versatile solid, or eye-catching print. So keep scrolling for an edit of our 17 favorite shackets—we'd be proud to call each one of them our own.

Hannah Morrill

Hannah Morrill is a writer and editor based in Portland, Maine. She’s an avid reader, an indifferent face-washer and a sunscreen/retinol evangelist.