The 14 Best Shackets for Women Who Love Transitional Dressing

Is it a shirt? A jacket? It's both.

Tyler Joe photographed guests at fashion week in their best shackets
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Webster defines a shacket as a portmanteau of shirt and jacket, and in reality... that's precisely what it is: a hybrid between the two styles. Not quite as heavy or utilitarian as a jacket and not as lightweight or insubstantial as a shirt, a shacket offers warmth without the bulk of typical outerwear. The hybrid item is the MVP of your wardrobe during periods of transitional weather (the awkward weeks in early September when summer slowly fades; the desperate, almost-spring days as March nears to an end). Simply put, the best shackets are there for you in your in-between-season moments of need. And as Stitch Fix stylist Lauren Nelson details, it's worth stocking up on a solid selection to keep on hand in your closet.

"I recommend investing in a shacket when building your intentional wardrobe as it’s a trend-proof staple piece that resurfaces year over year," Nelson tells Marie Claire. "Doubling as a stylish layering piece and providing extra warmth, shackets offer a casual yet versatile solution for transitional seasons when you need something more substantial than a shirt but not as heavy as a traditional jacket. Or during the colder winter months, layering a shacket under an overcoat."

Keep scrolling for a greater breakdown on the transitional piece, including more insight from Nelson and tips on how to style a shacket. Oh, and, of course: you'll find an edit of our favorite shackets for the fall 2023 season.

What Is a Shacket?

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In more specific terms: "A shacket, is a versatile item that blends the silhouette of a button-up shirt with the materials of a lightweight jacket," explains Stitch Fix's Nelson. "It typically features a button-up front like a shirt, often with a collar, cuffs, and pockets, but is constructed from thicker materials such as flannel or denim, making it the perfect hybrid option for fall," she explains.

So, even if your initial reaction was along the lines of, "What is a shacket?" it's okay to now shift your mentality to, "Okay, I want one." 

How to Style a Shacket

  • Play With Proportions

"When styling a shacket, I recommend experimenting with proportion play [to] embrace oversized silhouettes paired with more fitted styles," offers Nelson. "For styling clients, I often start with a classic base layer like a plain T-shirt or a simple sweater and layer an oversized shacket on top. Finish the look with straight jeans or trousers and loafers or ballet flats for a balanced look."

  • Layer, Layer, and More Layers!

"Have fun layering a textured plaid shacket over a loose cardigan or unbuttoned button-down layered over a simple tee," the stylist says. "Pair with the much-desired cargo pants this fall season, and you are perfectly on trend and inspiring other fashionistas with your style."

  • Experiment With Its Versatility 

"Because of its versatility, the fresh and fun look of a shacket suits absolutely everyone. The options are endless, whether you want to wear casually with jeans and sneakers or dressed up layered over a fitted sweater dress," Nelson shares. "Experiment with different colors and textures to find something that matches [your] unique personal style."

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