The Late Fall Wardrobe Essentials to Wear Right Now

These are the five pieces you need this season.

Late Fall Essentials

Max Mara coat; Rentrayage sweater; Tory Burch pants; Citizen watch; Dior shoes; Coach purse.

(Image credit: Kat Irlin)

When the first cold front hits, our instincts tell us to hide inside, but the shortest days of the year don't have to be the worst. 'Tis the season to indulge in a sturdy warm sweater, a beautiful coat, an easy shoe and pant style, and a statement watch. Plush and unpretentious, these realistic late autumn staples will keep you comfortable and highly prepared should there be an unexpected snow fall. 

The Teddy Coat

The plush teddy jacket (first introduced by Max Mara on the 2013 runways) has become one of the most covetable outerwear pieces. Not only is it reliably cozy and stylish—with its strapping silhouette and ultra soft hand feel—but with so many new iterations, you can now choose a version with the details and price point that best suits you.  

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late fall essentials fair isle sweater

(Image credit: Kat Irlin)

The Fair Isle Sweater

The multi-color knit was catapulted to fame by royals who posed in them for portraits and often donned them during their travels. Still as charming as ever, Fair Isles remain a buzzed-about pattern and an essential cold-weather piece.

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The Wide Leg Pants

Offered in a variety of shape, length, and fabric options, a well-crafted, wide-leg silhouette can be worn for just about any occasion. Whether you're tall or petite, a wide-leg style—with its high-waist, pin tuck pleats, and varying hem lengths—can flatter your frame.

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The Slip-On Sneaker

Let's face it: Laces can be finicky. Minimalist designs are popping up in elevated fabrics like wool, suede, and linen, all of which make the slip-on sneaker a must-have all-season staple. 

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late fall essentials

(Image credit: Kat Irlin)

The Metal Watch

The modern-day watch just might be doing too much—tracking your steps, your texts, the arrival of your firstborn. What if you want a watch that does less in the logistics department, but more in the realm of style? Well, let us introduce you to your new trusty metal timepiece.

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Photographer: Kat Irlin | Stylist: Julia Gall | Model: Anastasiia Chuhunkina at Identity| Hair: Riad Azar at The Wallgroup | Makeup: Jodie Boland at The Wallgroup | Photo Assistant: Ros Hayes

Sara Holzman
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