How Real Women Feel About Miu Miu's Micro Miniskirt

"I love the Y2K/Paris Hilton energy. But you'd better believe I'm wearing shorts underneath."

miu miu miniskirt
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As the weather begins to warm, the miniskirt—first introduced by British designer Mary Quaint circa 1960—is back with a teeny-tiny update. Quite literally. The miniskirt has been shortened from having an already daring hemline to, well, one that’s barely there at all. Catapulted to fame via celebrity appearances, magazine covers, and its own Instagram account, I wondered if Miu Miu’s infamous miniskirt—while cute in theory—had any legs in the real world?

Here, Marie Claire editors reveal what they think about actually wearing the micro-miniskirt this spring.

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Gabrielle Ulubay, E-Commerce Writer

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Tentative yes. I'd definitely be concerned about wearing this, because it was not made with my body type in mind, but I love the Y2K/Paris Hilton energy. I would probably wear it in a semi-ironic way or to an early 2000s themed party—but you'd better believe I'd be wearing shorts underneath.

miu miu miniskirt

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Brittany Holloway-Brown, Art Director

In my opinion, it's one of those outfits that's in the "pulling off Olympics." Like, are you "hot" enough to make it look good? I do love it on Paloma Elsesser's i-D cover.

miu miu miniskirt

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Danielle McNally, Executive Editor

I am too old for this skirt. But 19-year-old me 100-percent would have worn this to a mid-aughts frat party.

miu miu mini skirt

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Maria Ricapito, Contributing Senior Editor

Not even the 19-year-old me...

miu miu skirt

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Jenny Hollander, Director of Content Strategy

This has me circa 2008 written all over it. Except I probably would have worn it with a five-inch patent belt, a Juicy Couture hoodie, and UGGs, so it wouldn't have had quite the same effect as the girls wearing it now. I like to think they've learned from my mistakes.

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