The 10 Best Mini Skirts for Grown-Ups

Sophisticated mini skirts that can adapt to your warm-weather wardrobe.

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There is maybe no more talked-about summer fashion trend than the once-humble mini skirt. The viral micro-mini from Miu Miu, for instance, sparked a debate online within days of it first being spotted on some of fashion's most popular influencers and celebrities during the Fall/Winter 2022 fashion show season earlier this year. While some viral trends are mere flashes in the sartorial pan, the best mini skirts have stood the test of time. 

I, for one, haven't worn a mini skirt since I was in high school almost a decade ago. Back then, my preferred pick was the gray one I had to wear as a part of my high school uniform at the time, which I would roll up as soon as I left the house each morning. Luckily, this season's most stylish iterations don't require any stealthy styling maneuvers because they're all already tailor-made with a hemline that sits far above your knee. And, instead of wearing a mini skirt with my school-mandated polo shirt, I can now (finally) style them as I personally see fit. Case in point: you'll most likely see me wearing my own favorite mini skirt with a pair of best-in-class loafers this summer, a sort of modern take on my schoolgirl looks of years past. 

Ahead, I've rounded up all of the best mini skirt styles to shop right now. These are all editor-approved, so there's no need to worry about looking like a Gen Z impersonator in the process. 

Julia Marzovilla
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