Why I Always Get Dressed "Shoes First"

Style starts from the ground up.

Nina Garcia
(Image credit: Getty Images)

When I think about what to wear in the morning, I don't go first to the dress. I start with the shoes.

Crazy? Maybe. But to me, it's the best place to start if you want to feel confident all day long. Whether you choose to show your ladylike prowess in pointed-toe pumps, or you want to channel your inner badass by wearing studded boots, shoes really are an indicator of your mood, your style, and your personality. (Not to mention your schedule—if you rock 8" stilettos while running around after children all day, I both fear and applaud you.) Yes, shoes are about who you are, but more importantly, they're about who you want to be. (Or at least, who you want to be for that day.)

I'm such a firm believer in the "shoes first" idea that Marie Claire has created an entire franchise around it. Twice a year, our magazine and website go wild with shoe inspiration. (Hey, it's no secret that we have a shoe fetish.) But, of course, we want to inspire you with ideas, not trends—you're smart, sexy, and confident, so we know you'll take what you like and apply it in your own unique way. That's what we love about you most.

A few things I think you should know about shoes, if you don't already:

Shoes are fun. Shoes are transformative. And shoes can change your life. (Just ask Cinderella.)

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