Why Are All the Fashion People Obsessed with DHL Right Now?

Haven't you heard, darling? Delivery is *so* in

Tyler Joe

An important message to DHL deliverymen everywhere: Stay home. Lock your doors. Beware of roving gangs of fashion girls who will roll you for your shirt.

Hardly a day goes by now where a portrait of someone's friendly neighborhood courier doesn't pop up on my Instagram feed (RIP, old algorithm) with the hashtag #Vetements, a reference to Kanye buds Demna and Guram Gvasalia's brand and one very viral T-shirt they showed for Spring 2016.


Fashion loves some Duchamp-ian appropriation—Carine Roitfeld and the Home Depot jumpsuit, Jeremy Scott and McDonald's and Windex and what-have-you—so it's not *that* nonsensical that editors and bloggers would be climbing over one another to wear a $330 yellow T-shirt with a logistics company's logo printed on it. What's more incredible, however, is that you can buy one with the correct Vetements center-chest branding for $20 or an authentic one for even less.

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The bad news, though: 100 shirts is the minimum order. Venmo me? 

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