Katy Perry's New Shoe Collection Is as Kitschy and Fun as She Is—But a Lot Less Expensive

Stars and straps and Lucite forever.

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What's colorful and cartoonish and New Hollywood sexy all over? Why, Katy Perry, of course—and Katy Perry's new shoe collection.

In partnership with Global Brands Footwear, the "Rise" singer/stuntwoman (opens in new tab)'s range of sneakers, sandals, and heels made its debut at a trade show in New York earlier this month before hitting department stores and e-commerce in spring 2017, WWD reports (opens in new tab). From there, the world.

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"It's been a creative goal of mine to be a real contributor in the affordable fashion space," Perry said. "Launching a footwear collection felt like a natural first step for me. After years of investigating and researching partnerships to find the right fit for the debut of my line, I found that Global Brands most resonated with my artistic ideas. They understand my vision, my eye for detail, and have the international reach and resources to bring my canvas of ideas to life."

So far, from the released sketches, we can see that these ideas include the strappy sandal with star closures seen above, a bumper car reimagined as a Lucite-heel pump, and a peep-toe that recalls the Louboutin Otrot.

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Prices range from $59 to $299—not bad for a piece of a Perry's aesthetic.

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