This New Denim Brand Gives You the Perfect Vintage Fit Without Trying on a Billion Pairs

Save your legs, get yourself a GRLFRND.

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Unless you are incredibly, once-in-a-lifetime lucky, you must spend a small fortune and tons of time—which is perhaps even more valuable—to find a pair of vintage jeans that fit you exactly as they should: tight enough in the seat to pull a little at where the crotch and hips meet (#sexay) but with a slim pocket of air around the leg like potato-chip bags would have if manufacturers actually cared about not ripping customers off.

Not too much to ask, right? (Oh, nearly forgot about the right-above-the-ankle-bone crop and a wash that isn't too distressed or light or dark or whiskered. Okay, *now* that's all.) Right, though millions of girls fatigued from chasing visions of Leandra Medine and Camille Charrière around every thrift store they came across would probably tell you otherwise.

But here's salvation: New denim brand GRLFRND eliminates both the need for stalking RE/DONE and trying on pair after pair until you've got button shapes permanently imprinted on your belly. 🙏


Pretty clever of them to just *make* the unicorn jeans instead of hunting for them like the rest of us; even cleverer to sweeten the deal by producing them at top-of-the-line mills and giving them cheeky names like Naomi and Kendall. I've been breaking in my asymmetric-hem Helenas—ah, that crunchy, creaky feeling when you bend down— and they've just reached the point where they've softened enough that you no longer have to lie down to do up the fly anymore.

In other words, perfect.

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