Kristen Stewart in the New Rolling Stones Video Is the Holiday-Party Heroine We Need

No shoes, no bra, no f*cks.

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As you continue your Holiday 2016 moodboard-ing, make room amongst the hazy early-aughts Chloé campaigns and Audrey Hepburn inWar and Peace for an unlikely addition: Kristen Stewart in the Rolling Stones' "Ride 'Em on Down" video.

"But she's nowhere as glossy as the rest of us," gasps Raquel Zimmermann. "That slattern?" whisper the "Russian ball-goers" in mid-Atlantic English, even though this is supposed to be an adaptation of Tolstoy. Hells yeah.

She might not look the part, exactly, but why limit oneself to a homogenous slick-haired/slinky-dressed/vaguely aristo kind of beauty? (I mean, yes, but also #variety.) Road-Trip KStew is a a role model in both style (braless grunginess) and attitude (using a tire iron on rude boys).

We open on Old-Americana KStew loading groceries into her Mustang. There is perhaps no expression of freedom more profound than buying a whole six-pack to drink by yourself, which is just the sort of mindset our culture condones from now until the new year. Naughty! And what's she wearing while embodying this highest octave of independence? A white T-shirt with a ripped neckline, jeans, and Marant-esque boots she takes off to grind on a pole. (It's whatever if you've kept up with your tetanus boosters, right?) Refreshing and charming in a wet-wipes-shower way, especially in the herd of stretchy velvet that's every party you'll go to this season.

Above all, what makes Reckless-Driving KStew worthy of emulation is focused aimlessness. She's got no greater goal than to have a good time, no internal dialogue louder than "Faster!", no moral compass except that which points to the open bar and away from sketchy dudes. So move Anja Rubik and Maggie Rizer aside, and give her a place front and center. We should all be hallucinating zebras and doing doughnuts on a dried-out canal.

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