This Fashion Royal Just Got Married in the Most Unusual Wedding Outfit We've Ever Seen

No, ouais.

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After compiling this gallery of atypical celebrity wedding ensembles, we might conceivably become even more jaded, like a meme of an old tablecloth smoking a ciggie, going "Ellen Barkin's skirt suit? Haven't heard that name in years." But you would not be correct, because, if anything, it's made us look forward to both courthouse tailoring and cathedral-filling trains even more.

Falling more under the former category—but not quite!—Claire Courtin-Clarins (yes, of that Clarins) got married over the weekend in the most curious, gorgeous Jacquemus outfit, consisting of a vest, a puff-sleeve shirt, miniskirt, and a massive circular straw hat. This one, from the Provence-inspired Spring 2017 collection, but with the tunic closed and white boots in place of the square-toe pumps.

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Now, before we go any further, I have some bad news: This is a family that values their privacy, so I am Not Allowed nor Able to embed the best full-length image of the look here, nor Command + Shift + 4 it, because that is even Less Allowed. HOWEVER, to see it, one need only followVirginie Courtin Cesari, which you ought to be doing anyway, because she and her sister/cousins are the actual chicest. Onto the JV shots!

Seriously, follow so you can see, though if that throws your ratio off, I can assure you she looked so fresh and cool, adjectives used to describe Mr. Gatsby on the hottest day of the year but not brides, very often. (Being 6 feet tall helps.) Even more so, Simon Porte Jacquemus' clothes helped to evoke, with such strong, true shapes, some of the very best things in life: the sun, summer, the south of France, rolling down a grassy hill, a life full to bursting. Exactly what you would want to think of on one of the very best days of your life, as you skipped down the aisle in your little suit to begin the rest of it with the one you love.


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