The Beautiful Life: Backstage Gossip

Friday, September 11 at 11:00am: My first show of the week, and it's pouring rain! On my way to the St. Regis Hotel to report on beauty trends at Jason Wu—aka one of Michelle Obama's faves— my umbrella turns inside out. I enter the backstage area dripping wet. My fashion week mojo is gone before I've even done my first interview. Odile Gilbert has created an updo that weaves loops of black lace through loops of hair. She tells me the look is partly inspired by Minnie Mouse but that it's her modern take on a whimsical bow. After we talk, I peak at the clothes as the models do a pre-show practice run. There are lots of bold colors and short, fun hemlines. Can't wait to see the finished product!

3:30pm: Down in Chelsea for Rag & Bone. I dodge distracted models with cigarettes blocking the entrance. Hairstylist Teddy Charles is creating a messy half up-half down, using Fekkai products. Like the clothes, the hair style is impossibly cool. As we discuss how an average woman could recreate this look at home, he starts walking laps around the long hair prep tables, making sure things stay on schedule. We end up doing the bulk of our interview directly behind Rag & Bone designers Marcus Wainwright and David Neville as they are getting interviewed for an international TV show. If I could sidestep out of the frame, I would, but there is no space to move. One slight shift, and I'll end up on some foreign blooper reel! Avoiding total humiliation, I go see Gucci Westman-—who happens to be married to David Neville—who's creating the makeup look for Revlon. Just as I approach her, Sasha Pivovarova sits in her chair. She won't get off her cell phone. Gucci asks her to finish her call later so she can do the interview. Sasha is nice and apologizes. I think we have the same Blackberry! —LD

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