Big Girl in a Skinny World at Fashion Week: Minimalist Fashion

Ever heard the saying less is more? Of course you have, and theres nowhere it rings more true than for a sophisticated, elegant wardrobe.

Hello Ladies,

Ever heard the saying "less is more"? Of course you have, and there's nowhere it rings more true than for a sophisticated, elegant wardrobe. I've found myself uttering that very statement on many occasions—I'm not one who loves to layer excessively in my styling work or for my personal dress. So, I was elated to spot minimalistic trends coming down the runways at multiple shows in Paris this season. 

At YSL, the look was minimalist and sleek as always. It is perhaps why the fashion house is one of my absolute favorites. The strong but simple silhouettes work perfectly for a plus size girl. It also doesn't hurt that many of the looks are solid in color, mostly black (the curvy girl's good friend!). Another lovely thing about the minimalist trend is that it's easy to find basics in bigger sizes. And while the structure and detail of a YSL original might be lacking in a lower-priced edition, you can accessorize to elevate the status of the outfit and evoke the feel of the trend. 

Another fashion house that embraced the minimalistic feel was Stella McCartney. The entire collection was very clean. The color palette focused on high-contrast black, white, and beige tones with an occasional pop of bright color. My favorite look from the show: an absolutely basic black sweater with rolled up sleeves and a well-fitted pair of black pants, a universally flattering outfit. 

So, look for sleek black dresses, well-fitting trousers, pencil skirts, and solid tops. Do not underestimate the fashion statement a sleek black sweater and trouser can make. With the right accessories and styling a very basic look can transform into a chic fashion forward one.