Happy Fashion Week! First Stop, BCBG


Hey guys, so I just went to my first fashion show of this season and it was INSANE! Backstage my sister, Elle, and I got to interview a makeup artist named Gigi (part of Charlotte Willer for Maybelline New York's team) to talk about the look for the show, which was fresh and pretty. After, we found our way through the crowd to our seats - passing Ashlee Simpson on the way! GASP! - and got settled in for a quick 10 minute BCBG Max Azria runway show. The show was okay, music was blah, but I loved the color schemes of the clothes! The first half of the show started out completely neutral in color and went from a light beige to a dark grey. I was led to believe there would be no color in this show, but being a Spring/Summer line, I was waiting for the pop. Halfway through, a grey dress with a diagonal orange stripe came billowing down the runway, followed by a full orange dress, then medium pink, trailed by a bright pink dress, and finally, a nude one. The way they introduced the color was genius and totally redeemed them for the wacky music selection (LOL). Plus, I fell in love with a dark one shoulder asymmetrical dress that I'll have to pick up for spring! (Left, Ashlee with the designer, Max Azria)

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