Hearts for Tracy Reese!

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I've been excited to see Tracy Reese all week, and I was not disappointed. Even though the show itself was late as usual (it was scheduled for 1 p.m., but the doors didn't even open until 1:05!), at 1:25 p.m. the lights dimmed and the set displayed a beautiful ocean-inspired backdrop. The opening dress took my breath away. It was a mid-thigh white number with long, billowy sleeves and fitted cuffs around the wrist. A V-neck line with white buttons going from the point of the V down the waist literally cinched the look, and the fabric looked very soft, flawy, and wearable — not stiff and itchy!

I loved how the model's nails were painted white to match the dress and her hair was parted down the middle with very loose waves. Neutral makeup made this opening dress a show-stopping moment. However, the show didn't stop at that! It kept getting better and better. All of the fabrics looked gorgeous on the body as the model walked and moved, which makes this line one that I could actually see selling well for us "real girls." Besides all the V-neck lines, Tracy Reese included plenty of geometric cutouts. I loved how these dresses might seem conservative from the front because the neckline is high, but when you really take a look at all the cutouts, a lot of skin is showing and it can be quite sexy. Big, round, bug-eyed sunglasses and floppy hats also made for the perfect accessories.

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