Big Girl in a Skinny World: Fashion Week Diary Days 4 & 5

Nicolette Mason takes us inside New York Fashion Week, with a plus-size perspective.

Nicolette Mason
We're so excited to have Nicolette Mason, our newest Big Girl in a Skinny World contributor, Nicolette Mason, covering NYFW for Marie Claire. Come back every day for her diary!

Since 2006, Brooklyn-based designer Samantha Pleet has been making gorgeous, detailed, feminine pieces with a bohemian edge and attention to detail. My favorite piece from her newest collection was the blue and teal feather printed dress, with all her gorgeous twist-tied and basket-weaved dresses following closely.

Originally from Toronto, Kaelan Farncombe 's namesake line was filled with airy, ethereal peaches and light, sky blues. The stand-out pieces from the collection were a macrame, fringed sweater and the stunning Rorsach prints, with deep eggplants and violets printed against light, dove-grey-blues. Who doesn't love a bit of psychiatry mixed in with their clothes?

I was lucky enough to visit Christian Siriano 's studio a few days prior to his show, and I was so honored to do so. If you can believe it, his clothes are even more stunning when you see them up-close-and-personal. One of the things I admire most about Siriano is not only his attention to how clothes lay on the female form, but also to his close attention to unique, eye-catching details, from hand-cut fringe and gorgeous petal-details to exceptionally pin-tucked bits of chiffon. I truly believe he's one of the most talented designers of my generation, and I cannot wait to continue to watch his success and to see his design sensibility grow and evolve. And, can we talk about the shoes for a moment? How many high-end desginers are actually making things that most people can buy and wear? Once again, the shoes are part of a collaborative collection with Payless , where Siriano now has two lines -- Christian Siriano and Christian Siriano Gold. I can't wait to get my hands on one of the Chartreuse pairs! And, well, all his gowns are on my wishlist, too. Now I just need somewhere to wear them....

London-based designer Mark Fast , famous for his gorgeous knit pieces and his use of plus models for his main collection, showed his Faster Mark Fast diffusion line in New York for the first time. I was thrilled to see his new collection (which includes shoes made with Aldo Shoes ), and how his incredibly intricate knits would be interpreted for the Faster line. Faster stayed true to the über body-conscious silhouettes of his main line, but in flashing sherbert tones of aqua, tangerine, and lilac. While the clothes were certainly memorable, one of the biggest statements (alongside the highly covetable footwear) was the make-up, provided by M.A.C. The models were transformed into alien-esque femmebots with luminous brights painted onto the their lids up to their brows, with lips and hair extensions to math. How do you feel about the ultra-bright beauty trend? Can you see yourself wearing make-up like this? Back to the collection itself: I am absolutely counting down the days until the shoes are released by Aldo !

You may not be able to tell from the photos, but UK-based designer Duro Olowu managed to transform a photo studio into a full-fledged dance party, at his spring presentation at Milk Studios. Though the clothes are not exactly my style, it's not such a stretch to picture myself prancing in one of his lively frocks when an upbeat soundtrack is going and the models look like they're having a blast!

I've been hard pressed to find a fashion-loving individual who isn't also in love with Pamela Love , (it helps that the feeling is part of her name, I suppose). With a live band in the corner playing a tribal, energetic music, and the models washed in a rusty-colored light, I had myself thinking of Coachella and other sun-soaked summer festivals. I think all her jewelry tends to speak for itself... and I believe it's all saying, "wear me!"

Custo is dependably fun, flamboyant, and eccentric - and while as a collection it may come off as overwhelmingly garish, the individual pieces are beautifully ornate and offer more impact than most entire outfits. One of the highlights was teenage-boy-turned-womenswear-model 6'2'' Andrej Pejic, who is hauntingly beautiful and works it out in impossibly tall heels better than most women I know!

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