Buying Shoes & Giving Back

Milk & Honey's cute pink shoes for a great cause. Seriously.

Breast Cancer Awareness Shoe
(Image credit: Courtesy of Milk & Honey Shoes)

If you read our feature "The Big Business of Breast Cancer"—and if you haven't, you really must—you know that there are a lot of people out in the world shamefully making money under the guise of raising funds for breast cancer awareness and research. But that doesn't mean that everyone is and there are still ways to give without getting scammed.

Enter Dorian and Ilissa Howard who own a custom shoe website, Milk & Honey Shoes. Dori and I go way back, so when she told me they wanted me to help them design a pink shoe to sell during the month of October with all of the profits going to charity, I knew it was legit...and that we could come up with something super cute.

As you can see, we went with a two-tone, two texture (suede and leather) look. And since I'm really into t-straps at the moment, I threw that in too. And I wanted to make sure that the heel wasn't too high, so you could comfortably wear it all day at the office!

The charity Milk & Honey picked also happens to be personally near and dear to the Howard sisters. The Karen Dove Cabral Foundation aids young mothers battling cancer by helping out with things like childcare and transportation costs for doctors appointments. They learned about the foundation through their cousin who was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer while six months pregnant (and already the mother of a young toddler!) We here at loved hearing how directly the foundation improves the lives of young women and are proud to have played a small part.

Buy your very own pair here!