7 Coachella Outfits That Won't Make You Cringe When You Look Back on the Photos

Instead, your kids will find your picture on the internet and be like, "Who's that babe?" (It's you.)

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Some people like Paul Rudd have the luck to look moderately the same all their lives; others have to endure fluctuating weight and even more mercurial hair. But whatever nature has given you to work with, the deficit can be filled with clothes. So for Coachella, an event practically invented for exceeding your phone storage, we've put together seven outfits that will stand the test of time.

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Camp Shirt + Matching Dress

The Prada way of styling a camp shirt is a bit hard to manage in the desert (no pencil skirts or pumps for me, please)—unless you go the Harley Viera Newton route with a minidress and sandals. You've still got the beach-holiday vibe with the breeziness of not having to wear trousers. Ahhhh.

Clash-y Mini + Tank

Definitely MY joke, @shionat

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Along those same lines, a skirt could really be your festival go-to, if you're not planning to do much crowd-surfing. Denim works, but why not take it up a notch with some prints that might not go together on first thought but totally do once you see them next to one another? And don't forget the sweater around your shoulders—another chance to incorporate another pattern, another chance to avoid regretting not wearing enough once the sun sets.

The Photographer-Bait Dress

Alexa Chung worked the heck outta this Chloé number, and so should you, once you settle on your peacock-ing strategy. We'll always prefer more, twirly fabric than less, but up to you. (Think of the future children, though.)

The Co-Ords

There's a reason we still remember this photo of Dree Hemingway, and it's not (just) because of the Dolce & Gabbana chili-pepper print. A bra top and full skirt will never not be flattering, plus it makes odysseys to the Porta-Potty that much easier. 

The Classic

Though if the forecast calls for un-Indio-like rain, or you're heading to Glasto or any of the other 20,834 festivals with mega lineups this year, think Kate Moss, festival queen. While most of her outfit is utilitarian (denim, Wellies, army jacket), there's still that bit of glam with the lamé top. 

The Even More Classic

As at home on the deck of a sailboat as in VIP, Jane Birkin's peasant top and wide-leg jeans have already stood the test of time. So no need to worry about the grandkids snickering—they'll probably ask if you've still got the bell-bottoms. 

The Bro

Pool-watch🐳 @brownsfashion #sponsored

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A bit of an unorthodox choice, but one that might just turn out to be inspired when, years from now, your descendants are like, "Hey, look when grandma was fun." Most of the other attendees will be doing their best flower-child-as-interpreted-by Kendall Jenner imitation, but follow Pernille Teisbaek's lead to stand out. Plus, even if Gucci bro isn't your M.O., there's no better time to play a character than Coachella, is there? 

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