Moms are always warning you that, if you go out without a sweater, you'll contract all kinds of potentially life-threatening diseases. And although we've kind of debunked the great mom myth of not going to bed with wet hair, we're still far too respectful (read: frightened) to disagree with them on the topic of outerwear preparedness. That's why, ahead, we've selected seven ultra-affordable jackets—just in case.

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1 Aritzia

Easy. Dries-y. Beautiful. 


2 Front Row Shop

Okay, the matching mini might put you over the top, but what's a $20 deficit when you can look like the type of girl who rolls down a grassy knoll in a skirt suit, eh? 


3 Genuine People

Has a shirttail attached so you don't need to wear one!


4 Mango

True, these chinoiserie jackets are a dime a dozen at vintage stores, but if you want the frog closures without the rips and mustiness, there's this factory-fresh high-street version. 


5 H&M

Now begins a miniseries we'd like to call Denim Jackets but Better. We begin with this seemingly classic version, but wait—there are ruffles, the emerging embellishment hero of 2017. 


6 Topshop

Here, the fabric that would've gone toward the body got turned into trumpet sleeves you can flap around or accidentally trail in Cholula puddles. 


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