25 Perfect Little Black Dresses for When You Don't Know What to Wear

Keep a few options on rotation.

best little black dresses
(Image credit: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images )

While a massive part of my job is figuring out the season's latest trends, I spend plenty of time thinking about the pieces in my own wardrobe that are timeless classics—the pieces that I pull out season after season and style alongside whichever handbag is trending. I love a white tee and a good pair of jeans, but the perfect little black dress has to be one of favorite items to throw on when I'm in a pinch. 

I didn't understand the true power of a good LBD until I managed to snag a Max Mara wrap dress for $8 in a thrift store when I was in college. I wore it to every single job interview that I had that year, and I consider it to be the secret to all my early-morning looks when I was rushing to get to work or class on time. It made me feel confident and like a certified adult and like I actually had my life together, which I most certainly did not during that time. 

I can only hope that one of the perfect little black dresses below hold the same power in your wardrobe. Some of the options on this list are perfect for date night, while others work for an office party or just to wear to work on an everyday basis. Some feature spring-weather ready cutouts, while others are better suited for chillier temperatures. Keep scrolling to shop all of our favorite picks.