10 Things You Should Never Say to a Fashion Girl

Because enough already.

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1. Aren't you going to be cold in that? Perhaps, but I've already decided that this is my outfit. And yes, this leather jacket isn't as warm as your down-to-the-floor puffy sleeping bag coat but I'm wearing it. And if you don't want me to change again, you'll let this one go.

2. Your job is so easy! The women in this industry are well-educated, cultured, and ridiculously hard-working. Word to the wise? Don't underestimate them.

3. Do you really need all those shoes? Yes. Yes, I do.

4. Do you ever post about anything important? Granted, there are tons of more pressing, super important issues happening throughout the globe and I'm not trying to tell you that fashion matters more than national security. However, I refer you to this infamous video where Miranda Priestly SHUTS. IT. DOWN.

5. Can you get me a ticket to a fashion show? Girl, I can hardly get myself a ticket.

6. You write about dresses, you're not changing the world. Right, and neither are you. Unless you are, and then I'm really sorry about that snide remark.

7. OMG you work in fashion!? Can you get me a job? Sadly I don't have that kind of pull, and this sh*t is competitive. But I can pass your resume along!

8. All you do is shop online all day. It's called "market research."

9. Are you sure that really goes together? Yes. That's what they pay me for!

10. Why are you so stressed? You're writing about sequins right now. True.

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