Wait—They're Making *Blue Wine* Now

It's what all the cool young people in Europe are having, apparently.


You've had red wine and rosé and white wine and maybe even orange wine, but have you expanded your alcoholic horizons to blue? According to several news outlets, it just may be next year's hottest drinking trend among millennials. 

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Blue wine is real! @giklive #bluewine

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Invented by six young Spanish entrepreneurs, the wine is a blend of white and red grapes harvested from vineyards outside of Madrid and colored blue with grape skin pigment, indigo dye, and a non-caloric sweetener. It's supposed to taste like a sweet white, is meant to be chilled, contains 11.5 percent alcohol, and sells for $10 euros (about $11) for a 750-milliliter bottle. 

The company, Gik, had a soft launch last year via their website, but the wine will be rolling out in Europe over the next two months. After that, it'll be making it's way to American shores. 

Whether or not it tastes any good is a toss-up. The website emphasizes that the creators have no previous wine-making experience and are "designers, programmers, artists, and musicians" who "work without hierarchy; horizontally." So...do with that what you will.  

FWIW, if we're being honest, the people in this blind taste-test made by Gik don't look super impressed. 

But regardless of how it holds up taste-wise, the color sure would liven up a dinner party.

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