6 Smoothies You Can Drink for Breakfast and Spike for Happy Hour

Best of both worlds.

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Being healthy takes prep work and you're a busy lady. To help you out with your a.m./p.m. routine, here's a guide to smoothies you can make for breakfast...and then have later with some ~alcohol~. That's what multi-tasking is, right?

1. Sunrise Detox

Sunrise Detox cocktail

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This smoothie is a favorite at the W Vieques Retreat & Spa on Vieques Island off the coast of Puerto Rico.


Recipe for 1 glass—blend together:

One whole orange

½ carrot

½ green apple

½ ginger

Add a dash of cayenne pepper, garnish with carrot.


To spike, add 1 ½ oz vodka.

2. Biekes Detox 

Biekes Detox cocktail

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For hydration under the sun, the property's Biekes Detox features agua de coco (coconut water), celery, pineapple, and apple garnished with fresh coconut.


Recipe for 1 glass—blend together:

4oz. fresh coconut water

1 cup of diced pineapple

½ celery

½ green apple

Blend and garnish with fresh coconut shavings.


To spike, add 1 ½ oz pineapple vodka or rum.

3. Miami Cleansing

Miami Cleansing cocktail

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Overlooking panoramic views of Biscayne Bay, travelers staying at Conrad Miami can tap into the Miami lifestyle by ordering the Cleanse and Detox Smoothie that boasts flax seed, apple, spinach, celery, parsley, cinnamon and water.


Recipe for 4 glasses—blend together:

1 Cucumber

Lemon Juice from 2 Lemons

1 Bunch Parsley

1 Green Apple

2 leaves Kale

1 Stalk Celery

1 tbs Ground Flaxseeds

1/2 tsp Ground Cinnamon

Strawberry, for garnish.


To spike, add 1 ½ oz tequila or fruit vodka to each glass.

4. Absolutely Spiked Berry Smoothie

Absolutely Spiked Berry Smoothie

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Featured by the Conrad Miami, this refreshing berry smoothie is refreshing and smooth–perfect for relaxing by the beach (or in your apartment).


Recipe for 3 glasses—blend together:

1 Cup Cubed Watermelon

¼ Cup Blueberries

¼ Cup Raspberries

½ Cup Strawberries

½ Cup Almond Milk

1 Cup Ice

Blend all of the ingredients and garnish with a sliced strawberry, blueberry, and micro green.


To spike, add 3 oz vanilla vodka.

5. Sleeping Blend

Sleeping Blend cocktail

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Led by Chef Matthew Byrne, Tiger Woods' former private chef, Hilton West Palm Beach offers vitamin-rich smoothies for guests, sourced from area farms and marketplaces with local fruits, veggies and herbs. Highlights include a sleep-inducing blend of kale, spinach, green apple, coco water, avocado, and energizing mixed berry blend with orange juice.


Recipe for 4 glasses—blend together:

1 cup Kale

1 cup spinach

1 Whole apple

6 oz. fresh coconut water

½ Avocado

Blend ingredients vigorously.


To spike, add 1 ½ oz grapefruit-infused vodka (we like Indian River Grapefruit vodka) or plain vodka to each glass.

6. Potassium Punch

Potassium Punch cocktail

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Set on a 1,100-acre rainforest, Los Suenos Marriott Ocean & Golf Resort fuses tropical fruits from Costa Rica in its SIBO Smoothie. Crafting a potassium-packed concoction, the smoothie features papaya, banana, pineapple, spinach, beets, and orange juice.


Recipe for 1 glass—blend together:

1 Tbs Pineapple

3/8 cup Banana

1 Tbs Papaya

1 Tbs Spinach

¼ cup Beets

6 oz Orange Juice

1 scoop ice


To spike, add 1 ½ oz plain or fruit vodka.

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