Time To Clean House-Well Sort Of....

So, a friend of a friend was telling me about a cleanse that she recently tried.  Not a cleanser like Clearsil or Clorox but a nutritional cleanse. Now I've gone thru a somewhat strict fast before and one other cleanse but these w...

The story of Blueprint Cleanse is essentially the story of an idea – the idea that cleansing needed to be liberated from the rigid dogma and new-age aesthetics of the raw food universe and made more accessible to more people. Blueprint Cleanse is the very first line of juice cleanses to offer varying levels of intensity depending on one's dietary habits and history. It's a user-friendly system of cleansing set up to be practical for all nutritional lifestyles, from the most austere of raw food acolytes to the burger-and-red-wine crowd looking to periodically offset the damages of their indulgence. 

And it all started with a cold. 

In early 2000, Blueprint founder Zoe Sakoutis greeted the new millennium with a savage cold and turned to a friend for advice. This friend, who happened to be a raw foodist, suggested a seven-day juice cleanse to cure what ailed her, and Zoe dutifully complied. She was thrilled with the results, but the process itself she found excruciating. 

Ultimately, she came to realize that the particular cleanse she had done was simply too extreme for her at that point of her development, and that for cleansing to be effective, it had to be more than just a single, unforgiving process for everyone regardless of individual habits. If people were going to reap the benefits of cleansing, they had to want to do it, and want to do it regularly.

(here's the best part)

It needed to be easier for them

, particularly when they were just starting out, and needed to be customized to their level of nutritional awareness and dietary history. This is the breakthrough realization that gave birth to Blueprint Cleanse. Zoe, herself a certified nutritional consultant, teamed up with Erica Huss Jones, a friend and former colleague who brought along a great knowledge and love of food, a background in P.R. and an ideology perfectly suited to the Blueprint vision. Together, they set about developing their line of juices and building the Blueprint brand to what is today, a name synonymous with delicious juices made from the finest rawfood ingredients and dedicated to the pioneering concept that the benefits of cleansing should be made available to everyone.

So Day One of my cleanse. I've chosen the Excavation Cleanse for 5 days. What does that mean exactly? Well, I had three to pick from and I chose the Excavation Cleanse: Virtually no fat, little fruit and aside from cayenne, no herbs/spices (i.e. garlic, onion) are used. Certain foods that are used in previous cleanses such as carrot/apple/beet juice and other fruits with a higher glycemic index, such as pineapple, have been eliminated. Excavation focuses on foods that trigger detox and elimination, such as citrus (spicy lemonade), which act as "cleaners" and green vegetable tonics which act as "healers." 

Benefits? Well supposedly some / all of the following:

* Boosted immune system
* Alleviates allergies
* Improved thyroid dysfunction
* Rests the digestive organs
* Physical rejuvenation
* Normalized weight
* Normalized blood pressure
* Reverses signs of aging
* Elevates mood and sex drive
* Alleviates symptoms of PMS
* Promotes clear skin
* Increases energy
* Increases fertility
* Combats viruses
* Aids Fibromyalgia issues.

Yes, this should be VERY interesting to say the least. As recommended by the website I have prepared for this coming week by elimination certain foods from my diet and weaning off carbohydrates, sugars, dairy, etc. The hardest part will be no decaf iced coffee in the morning. I don't drink caffeine but it's still gonna hurt.

Your delivery is confirmed the Friday prior to your start and a three hour window is scheduled. For my 5 day cleanse I will get three days in three small cooler packs Sunday night and then the final two on Wednesday night. Three days of juices were delivered to my door between 6-9:00 pm last night and they actually arrived at 6:34. The courier called when he was within 30 minutes of arriving-so we're off to a great start.

I haven't had my morning shake just yet but I will fill you in on all the details tomorrow morning. Hopefully I make it thru Day One!

Stay tuned...Cheers.