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The Best At-Home Fitness Equipment and Accessories

Alexa, play "The New Workout Plan."

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No matter where you are in your fitness and health journey, life during the coronavirus pandemic probably looks very different. Maybe you typically hit spin, boxing, and Pilates weekly and need a substitute for your beloved classes, or maybe you're using social distancing as an opportunity to try yoga or long-distance running for the first time. But with gyms and studios closed across the country, it can be tough to find the equipment you need to optimize your workout and form a new routine that's isolation-friendly. Fear not: The tools you're looking for (or don't even realize you need) can be delivered right to your door to help you create your own mini workout studio, even if your space is limited. Here, find the endorphin-spiking, form-fixing, muscle-quivering accessories that'll keep you on track and hitting new goals.

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For Abs
An Ab Wheel
Tone Fitness walmart.com

Bored of crunches? Kneel down, grip the handles of the wheel, then use your core to roll your body out flat and then back to your starting position. You'll be crazy sore in the morning, but that's the point, right? 

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For Cardio
A Smart Jump Rope
TANGRAM amazon.com

If you can't fit a treadmill or rowing machine in your shared living room, jumping rope is a footage-friendly way to get your heart rate up. And this one records your fitness data and counts your jumps for you, so you can listen to a podcast instead of tracking your hops.

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For Toning
Wrist Weights
Bala amazon.com

To take any sweat sesh up a notch, slide on these Shark Tank-born bangles for extra resistance. The classic option only weigh a pound each, but don't underestimate them—they add more intensity than you think. And they're cute as hell, too. (These are currently on back order, but you can find similar here.) 

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For Sore Muscles
A Body Massager
Theragun walmart.com

Sure, it looks like something you'd find at Home Depot, but it's actually a shortcut to to quicker recovery and better performance. Based on percussive therapy—the use of rapid, short pulses against soft tissue to provide relief for sore muscles—the handheld massager comes with removable heads to target specific spots like your back, glutes, and feet. Fitness gurus and pro athletes spurred its cult following, but there's no shame in using it on the couch while you're binging Love Is Blind

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For Your Obliques
An Exercise Ball
Sportime target.com

It's been a workout staple since the '60s for a reason. Lay on it and use it for crunches or Russian twists, or pulse on it while you're working from home Dwight-style to strengthen your core.

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A Foam Roller

This unassuming roller will unravel your knots and tightness if you've gone overboard on lunges. Stick the foam cylinder under your thighs or calves and rock back and forth—it feels intense, but major relief follows.

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For Squats
The Booty Machine
The DB Method thedbmethod.com

If you don't nail down the right form, squats can end up working your quads more than your glutes, which means losing ample butt-sculpting power. Enter The DB Method, which puts you in the perfect position to shape your behind without putting stress on your joints. It folds up to fit under a bed in even the tiniest apartment, and it's been approved by one of Instagram's fittest families: Kim Kardashian gifted machines to her mother and sisters. 

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For Those Little Muscles
P.volve pvolve.com

These little babies might not look like much, but slide them under your hands and feet and you'll feel the burn. Use them for lengthening and toning exercises that hit those hard to reach places like the crease of your butt and inside of the thighs. (Hot tip: the brand is offering a free 30-day trial right now.) 

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For Weight Training
Adjustable Dumbbells
NordicTrack sears.com

If you share your space with a partner who's even more jacked than you are, these customizable hand weights are a wise investment. Rather than storing multiple pairs of free weights and switching them mid-pump, simply add or drop the rings from the handles to adjust the heaviness. 

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For Flexability
A Stretching Strap
Manduka target.com

If you've been negligent about stretching in the past because you're in a hurry, now's the time to readjust your thinking. Loop this strap around your ankles, knees, and feet to prep your muscles to work and help them cool down. 

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For Guidance
The Virtual Trainer
mirror mirror.co

For those who miss the motivation of a class or the intimacy of a private trainer, this hi-tech mirror will revolutionize your solo sessions. Yes, the price is steep, but for good reasons: the smart mirror uses an algorithm to compare each of your sessions, tracks your results, offers over 10,000 classes  and matches you with a personal trainer for on-on-one coaching. Consider it your own private, boutique studio.  

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For Yoga, and Everything Else
A Comfy Mat
Life Energy walmart.com

While its primary use is to help you find enlightenment in downward dog, this yoga mat is the perfect buffer to make all your floor exercises more comfortable. Fire up a new fitness app and get to it.

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For Biceps
A Pull Up Bar
Tescat amazon.com

Never attempted a pull-up? Now's the time to start. Rather than overcommitting and drilling a bar directly into your wall, this one uses resistance to attach your doorway and stay there until you're tired out. 

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